IUpdate on son thank you for your prayers ...

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    Thank you everyone for the continued prayers. I've witnessed answers to those prayers and am asking for continued prayer support.

    Just an update on what is happening with my son and to share an answer to prayer.

    One of the struggles was to keep is SSA going as he’d been employed for 9 months and actually made enough money for SS to consider dropping his SSA benefit. I have been worried about that. With his bipolar condition, it was unusual for him to work that long or be well enough to carry out the employment like he did. I have written letters on his behalf to SS to let them know that he is no longer working and had decompensated in his mental health status.

    Answer to prayer … Just this morning, the lady who handles his case at SS called and told me the SSA wasn't going to be stopped, and I praise the Lord for that answer! He needs the support to get set back up and build up again.

    New News … When he was out of state, he DID draw attention to himself and was placed in a psychiatric hospital for 4 days (I didn't know where he was for 3 and was frantic - almost filed a missing person report before he called me on the 3rd day). He came back to his home town and went back to my Mom and Dad's. He's really trying to "maintain" but is refusing medications. He drinks triple lattes as caffeine helps him calm down. I just hope that he doesn't go into another manic state or that he doesn't go "down" as that's just as bad.

    Please continue to pray for my Mom and Dad that they may have strength enough to keep him in their home until we can get him some housing.

    We still have an uphill battle over what occurred when he was out of state because of an accident he was involved in when he drew attention to himself and was hospitalized. My husband and I are taking him to traffic court for the first date set and will support him as he appears. He has no money to pay the fines (5 counts) and we don't either. I'm hoping the court will go easy on him, if not he may have to spend time in jail. I've written a letter to the court to explain his history and what was happening when the accident happened and that he had been taken in on a legal mental health hold. Hopefully, the time he was being held may be enough and the fees will be waived. I don't know.

    There is a second court appearance a week later. That one, I don't know about or what will happen when he appears in court.

    I feel so very badly for him. He is a really sweet guy with a real mental health problem. He is a Christian and in most times when he is not severly unstable trusts in our Lord to work through his life.

    Again, thank you all for your continued prayer support.

    Love, ME
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    I am thankful that your son is back home with your parents. Hopefully he will consent to take his meds and get back to a more even state.

    The Lord has been lookinng after him for sure.

    I will pray.

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    Thank you so much for the continued support in prayer; believe me, the prayers are being answered each day.

    I thank my Lord for this Board and the prayer warriors who come here.

    May God richly bless you all.