Iv been gone along time, Update!!!

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    Hi Its liteflames,
    My last post was jun 20th 05,
    Well Becuse of all the med's I was on Oxxi 60 mg's - cymbalta 200mg's witch we now know only 60 works - flexarile ( spelling) Clonapen , Hear in earlie jan 05 , had a mentail Breack down, Then w/ in a day , A week, Went off all med's , Please look up last post, Well june 20th, I started comong out of it (Comatose state)As a direct cause of going off all meds at one time, my pyc Dr said I may never come out of this state .( nero transmitters wernt firing,, GOD has Giviin me 99 percent releafe from my fybro, witch before the oxxi & all that other junk, I was ready for the wheel chair, I just gave my testomony This last sunday in church, Before all this ,, Break down ect. I did go to a Mark J. pellegrino MD In akron Ohio, W/ I was givin his name right hear on this board, He has a book out, Up Close & personal With Fybromyagia,, It has a wealth
    of info, on symtom's & help for each problim you'r having alternitives to pill's My Thing is , Drs give pills for anything that ell's us, , I hope this helps some of you out thear.
    And must thankyou all for alway's being thear for me,

  2. lardsgirl

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    every now and then I also leave the board....just ...Praise God for his goodness!

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