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    I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 1990 (approximately) as secondary to Eosinophilic Myositis Syndrome. I was under medical care initially at Johns Hopkins Medical Center in Baltimore, then transferred to Georgetown University, Dr. Daniel Claw, rheumatology (who I think has since relocated to University of Michigan). He was doing research on the fibromyalgia/magnesium relationship and he tested how much magnesium was being absorbed by my system by giving me magnesium and measuring magnesium in my urinary output. He found that my system was absorbing an unusually high percentage, indicating a magnesium deficiency, so he gave me magnesium IV and the next day I was pain free and have been ever since. There may be some things about my medical care that I'm not understanding. My circumstances may not apply to others, but it seems worth passing along.
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    Great to hear.
    Did you only do the IV one time?

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    Yes, it was a one time. I stayed inpatient one night at Georgetown University hospital and was told it was part of a study. First day was the testing of my urinary output, second day was treatment. My pain levels had been daily and high for 4 years. If he, or his work group, are doing any current fibromyalgia studies, I would recommend signing up, if feasible.