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    hi everyone--i have a real winner of a question!(my doctor refused-thinks i am nuts) Like so many of us, i take TONS of oral magnesium, but the body can only absorb 4-30% of oral mag. We all know where the rest goes! the more you take, the more trips to the bathroom! I was very interested in a few posts that i read regarding the bodies inability to utilize mag properly in fibro--in fact, any printable facts would be appreciated, if only to smear them in my docs face! When i had surgery in may (thymectomy--probably most of us have thymic enlargement due to autoimmune disorder) my post op mag level was slightly low, so i was given iv magnesium and FELT WONDERFUL for 3-4 days, even though i had a chest tube, etc, the fibro symptoms were almost non existent! i have asked my dr. to let me try a dose of iv magnesium (as a labor/del. nurse i am very familiar with dosages, side effects, precautions) but he says no. Have now asked my coworkers to try to save me the few cc's left in the bottle after mixed for pt use and will give it to myself. any thoughts on this? very experimental, but worth a shot--i can't even work and will lose my job soon! Any first hand knowledge of this? Thanks, and happy july 4 to you all! laurie
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    any thoughts on this theory? laurie
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    I don't have a reply to your question, butI'm so glad this is working for you.
    HOw much magnesium (ml/mg etc.)did you use that has helped you?
    thank you in advance
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    This is way out of the ball park for me, but I am reading a book on magnesium; 'The Miracle of Magnesium' by Carolyn Dean M.D., N.D.

    She does cover a little on using intravenous magnesium for heart attack patients and also for strokes. But so far I have not seen anything about FM/CFS, although she does do a good job on magnesium and FM/CFS also (am not finished the book yet).

    You might want to pick up a copy for your doctor. If I am not mistaken we did have a discussion on this before, try the search feature and see if there is any information on this.

    I think I also read something about this subject in either Devin Starlanyl or Jacob Teitelbaum's book, or it could have been somewhere else. I have read close to 20 something books on FM/CFS! I do get confused where I read what at times.............

    Also, try the 'Home' and 'Library' links here, there could be some information there.

    Sorry, no first hand knowledge on intravenous, but I sure take a whole lot of magnesium orally and it helps tremendously.

    Shalom, Shirl
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    I was diagnosed 1993 w/fibro. and myofacial pain. From 1995 to 2001 I went to Dr. Daniel Clauw at Georgetown University who does research on Fibromyalgia. You will see his name in some of the articles on this website and in Fibromyalgia Newsletter. Now at Univ.of Mich. Also did study for Pentagon on Gulf War Syndrome. He only saw patients on Tuesdays at Georgetown and I think that he only does research now.He received national recognition on paper he wrote on Fibro. My point is he has good credentials. I couldn't be in any of the studies as I live in NC. and was too far away to be research member. I was told at Georgetown they did a study on Magnesium shots on patients.Although that particular study didn't show huge results, I was told to go on and take magnesium and Malic Acid as they still felt that the magnesium level in "our" bodies did have something to do with our Fibromyalgia. I don't know about Magnesium IV but if your doctor isn't aware that many doctors advise taking magnesium for FMS & CHS he hasn't done much reading. If IV'S of mag. would get rid of FM. I'd let you give the shots. But you are on track with many good doctors that will tell you to take magnesium, so don't let him get the best of you. Just be careful. You can get both Mag. & Malic at most vitamin stores. If some of these doctors had to spend one day in our body when it FLARES, they would be looking for anything.I have a book on Mag.&Malic Acid for Fibro.If I can find it I'll post the author.
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    Would love the name of your book on Malic Acid and Magnesium.

    I have been taking this formula for three years (Pro Energy), and also take ZMA (zinc, magnesium and vitamin B-6), for sleep, pain and spasms. Both are wonderful for FM and CFS.

    They can be bought here at Pro Health, just go to the 'Store' link and you can read about both.

    They have made a tremendous difference in my FM pain, spasms and I now sleep 7-8 hours a night with the ZMA.

    I forgot, welcome to the board!

    Shalom, Shirl
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    thanks all who responded or gave input. My coworkers don't want to help supply (can't blame them) and this is rather controversial, but wouldn't it be great if the cure was this easy? someday this maybe the answer, and i would love to be the first guinea pig! any one want in on the ground floor of fibro treatment? We would make tons of money but of course, treat all of you dear friends for free!!!! My friends are all afraid to kill me or something, but euthanasia is not always a bad thing! I am on a roll--took my last vicodin >24 hours ago and can't get more till wed. morning, pain doc won't even talk to me. low barometric pressure, today is kind of miserable! Hope you all are having a better day (except Sandy if you are reading)--GOOD LUCK with hearing tomorrow!!!!!!Laurie