IV Vit C - anyone tried it? Madwolf & others-opinion?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by victoria, Jun 24, 2003.

  1. victoria

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    Was just reading Dr. Whitaker's latest newsletter. He was talking about IV vitamin C curing things like mono in 4 days, using it succesfully for Lymes, historically having been used to cure polio, etc. All of this has been documented.

    I'm just wondering -- instead of going thru lots of expensive testing for lots of different things, and instead just finding a doc who'll give it (there's supposed to be no side effects) --
    maybe it would just make a huge difference without having to have a definitive diagnosis of exactly WHAT is wrong. And be cost-effective at that. Especially if one has no health insurance that pays for anything other than hospitalization?!?

    would love to get some feedback from someone who's tried it or the medical professionals on this board!

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  3. Plantscaper

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    Made no difference in my symptoms..and I took a long series of IVs with not just Vitamin C, but with all kinds of minerals/vitamins..This was about the main thing offered as treatment about l5 years ago..

    I have had these diseases for about 26 years..Let's compare that, which was so expensive, with OLE, which has made a major difference in symptoms, although, no cure..and is not costly at all..

    We are all different, so it might be helpful, but it was a big waste of money for me..

  4. tansy

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    and it felt like the most amazing pick me up tonic. Part of that was just the saline, but after each I had one the beneficial effects of the vit c seemed to last longer.

    Plantscaper has found OLE more effective, it's cheap and available OTC. Even the humble garlic might be worth trying.

    Good luck, whatever you decide.



  5. victoria

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    Tansy - If you don't mind my asking, what were you taking it for? -- and why did you discontinue it?

    Plantscaper - I tried OLE, but I'm the one who started itching after a couple of weeks, even awakened me, so I figured I didn't want to mess with the possibility of an allergic reaction. One experiencein a lifetime with anaphylaxis is enough!

    Any one else try it???

  6. victoria

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    Hoping to get some more replies...
  7. tansy

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    It was part of a very holistic programme I was put on by two doctors to treat my CFS, allergies, infections, candida, +++++. They did help a lot though did not cure me.

    There was no way I could sustain all that for ever so just kept on with the things I could do for myself and some privately prescribed remedies etc which these doctors were happy to send me whenever I asked for them, charged at cost.

    As a single parent I had my son's needs to consider too, couldn't spend every penny we had on continuing treatments that brought me up to a plateau at which I seemed to stop.

    For a time what I was doing helped me along further but the underlying causes of my problems have I believe been getting worse; it all really caught up on me again 5 years ago.

    Now I'm taking different routes which will not involve iv vit C.


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    ...who had IV vitamin C and B complex. It made no difference.