I've been doing BVT for 6 years now...

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    And it's helped me a great deal. I sting 14 times up and down my spine every other day. Doing it there is most effective after trying various locations. I suffer from FM, CF, Osteoarthritis and TMJ. I used to sting my neck behind my ear for the TMJ but I couldn't handle it. The only pain meds I take is naproxen for the TMJ. TMJ for me causes chronic headaches only on the left side of my head and sometimes it hurts so much I can't talk. So I caved in with the naproxin. I can go only one week without my bees before my symptoms return. I was taking about 20 vicodines a day and was bed ridden before I started the BVT but was informed that unless I get off the vicodine the BVT won't work. He was right. I went cold turkey for two weeks, told my doctors never to give me vicodine again no matter how much I begged and restarted the BVT clean. It took three months before I started to notice a change. I'm no longer bedridden. I still have my limitations and pain but nothing nearly as severe than what I was before. I still have bad flare ups that puts be right back into bed that now only happens once every few months.

    For me there isn't a down side for BVT. But it's no picnic. I have to care for the bees, feed them water them, without the right ventilation they can all die at once. Making sure I get my deliveries when I'm supposed to. One time it got screwed up and I was 2 weeks without my bees. I spent most of days crying in agony. And knowing my limit. I know I can't do more than 14 bees in the spring/summer and no more than 20 in the winter. And I can't do it everyday. (Tried that and got really sick)There is always a chance that I can go into shock which is why an epi-pen is a must.

    Through www.apitherapy.org I was able to find someone in NYC who taught me how to do everything, how to sting myself, how to care for my bees etc. I used to take propolis, eat honey, and other bee products but they didnt' do anything for me so I stopped. I've changed my diet completely and became a vegetarian (which by the way was harder than kicking vicodine). And exercise does make a difference.

    Hope this helps. Thanks for reading

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    I have long tweezers that open when you squeeze them and I grab the bee by the head and by looking in my two mirrors I can see my back and I just reach around and just tap the bee on my back and the stinger goes in. I leave the stingers in for over an hour - until the burning sensations stop then I remove the stingers. I used to sting where it hurt like my knees and elbows (the joint areas) but the swelling was so severe that I couldn't bend them. So I just focus on my back which causes me the most pain, at times to the point where I can't stand up straight and walking is difficult.


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