I've been reading about substance P.....wow!!!!!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by sunflowergirl, Aug 27, 2012.

  1. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    If you google it you will come up with different sites. One in particular (9th one down) explains it in detail. Apparently this substance P causes us all the pain and even explains why we itch or feel like something crawling under our skin and why we have trouble sleeping. And it's brought on by a huge amount of stress.

    I guess this explains why we need to rid ourselves of stress and why deep breathing and relaxation is so important for us.
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  2. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    I keep it under control during the week when my husband is at work. We're like oil and water! I'm trying to listen to relaxing music while I do my housework and deep breathe. I can't change things...only me which I'm trying to do. I'm wearing a rubberband on my wrist to remind me to "let go".
  3. mbofov

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    I don't have FM or pain or neurological problems like itching sensation etc. ("just" CFS) but the explanation of why stretching is so important is fascinating. It seems this could be key for FM patients.

    I work on relaxation too, meditate daily or listen to relaxation CD, and try to let go of stress as much as possible - so important!

    Thanks for posting -

  4. rosemarie

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    I don't know wht this substance P is and how it works against us? How do I go about getting it tested to see if I have too much or too little? I know that some thing is wwrong as I have more pain that usual and my body itches all over and I feel like i am losing it due to pain and itching. I thought the itching was from the heat but now I wonder.

    Also I have lost my voice and it is getting worse not better and I am not talking to any one. I need to know what is happening to my body and I am so confused about so much.

    I have a rehumy who seems to only be inertested in how bad my oesteo-arthritis is not what my fibro is doing to my body or affecting my body. HE does not believe in Chronic meyofacial pain syndrome and I have it as well. I am flaring up in both fibro and CMP Please how do I find out about this substance P and how it affects me? How do I find out what to do for my CMP and fibro combined?

    My thrat is feeling so tight and like there is pressure on it so when I try to speak I feel short of breathe, I am aching all over my muscles, bone, nerves, tendons every part of my body hurts and I am struggleing with this and not knowing how to function with all the proeblems that fibro and CMp and end- stage oesteo-arthrits does to my body. I am fighting a down hill battle and not winning or improving any where. What is happening to my body and muscles, Please help if you can.

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