I've been sleeping through the night. A very new thing for me...

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  1. EricaCFIDS

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    I was diagnosed with CFIDS a year ago and have since been taking quality melatonin and bio-identical progesterone that have both helped my sleep somewhat. For years I would wake up at least once in the night, but often 2 or more times. I just got used to it until my FFC doctor pointed it out and also from reading up on it as a symptom of CFS.

    For the past few weeks I haven't been waking up at all! I don't know how to explain how surprising this is to me, but I just haven't done that in YEARS!! I would say I sleep through now more than 75% of the time! I was really spending some time thinking about this today, trying to think of why that would be?? The only thing I can think of that I have done different recently is to take Doxycycline. I took it for about a month from Mid March up until last week. I was taking it to do a repeat test of the IGENEX Western Blot test my LLMD ordered (to rule out lyme). My FFC doctor ordered the same test a year ago and it was negative but with significant activity. Anyway, that is the only thing I have done different in the past 2 months.

    I just had to share my great feeling about it and wondered if anyone else had this happen? (I'm currently off of the Doxy to do more testing). It's so wonderful to close my eyes at night and not open them again until my alarm goes off. It's just so unbelieveably foreign to me!!! LOL! Is that the case with anyone else??

    All the best,
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    for the first time in my life.

    For me the difference was meditation. I learned how to turn off my brain.

    A few years ago I was scheduled for a sleep study but didn't bother doing it because they wanted me to sleep without Xanax which I knew was not going to happen.

    I have taken Doxy for long periods of time and it has really helped me a lot (stealth infections are an issue for me, for sure!) but my sleep remained totally screwed up until I had practiced meditation for a while.

    In fact, I can not only fall asleep within 10 to 15 minutes (never before in my life have I done that) but, on the very rare occasions when I do wake up, I can put myself back to sleep very speedily. It's amazing!

    Good sleep makes a huge difference! HUGE!

  3. EricaCFIDS

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    Your meditation sounds great. It's a great idea for people to try. Many of my docs have recommended it for me during the day! lol To help with my high bp and pulse rate. I'm too tired to meditate. It would make me struggle more doing it during the day. At night, I take my melatonin as I'm getting ready for bed and I'm out within 15 minutes. If I wake up in the night, I take one more and I'm out again. It really works for me.

    Take care,


    Hello! I'm so sorry and I know exactly what you are describing! It's miserable! Have you ever been on Doxy at all? I'm just really thinking there is a connection. Maybe it killed off some of those microbes in my brain and allows me peace through the night? I don't know, but it's a BIG change for me and out of the blue. I had to share it, even if I'm unsure of why it's happening. I just hope it lasts! The progesterone helps too, but wears off after 4 hours, so isn't all that much help through the night. I need to address that one of these days.....( :

    Good luck! I hope in your LD treatment you'll see a change in your sleep too!

    Take care,
  4. Rafiki

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    Thats terrible, Femmdange! I really know how you feel. I spent more than 50 years getting lousy sleep. It was like a kind of torture. Just thinking about it brings it all back. I really feel your pain.

    I was the last person in the world anyone would expect to meditate -- wired, a little ADD by nature, totally scrambled by ME which turned up my Panic Disorder to full tilt!

    The prospect of meditating freaked me right out. I thought I had to sit cross legged for 20 minutes which was pretty much my notion of hell.

    I started, reluctantly, in increments of between 30 sec. and 2 min. twice a day. Now I look forward to it the way I would a glass of wine or a mini vacation. I still do little mini meditations throughout the day but now really enjoy longer sessions. By longer I mean 10 min or 20 minutes.

    I only stayed with it because I noticed change in the nature of my thoughts, like there was more space around them somehow, during my initial 1 min. meditations. Just doing 2x1min. of attending to my breath each day for a couple of weeks began to change me. I was so surpised!

    Anyway, I wouldn't have believed it myself so I don't expect anyone else to. I was resistant for 30 years. I get it. Not everyone has to meditate.

    I sure hope you figure out your sleep, Femmdange!

    Peace out,
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  5. EricaCFIDS

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    Hi! Great to hear from you, my fellow Leo buddy! ( :

    I will look into those, thanks! The melatonin and Gaba are great! 5HTP is also good. I think my body must be low.

    Yes, it's just wonderful to be sleeping straight through!! I also have kids and my youngest is also sleeping through. Another factor for years in my broken sleep! ( :

    I hope you are doing well! Thanks for posting.

    Take care,
  6. EricaCFIDS

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    I was looking for it and now it's gone??

    I'm seriously looking into lyme and may have found my answer. Post back if you get this!


    All the best,
  7. EricaCFIDS

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    I don't see you here or your posts??? What happened? I hope you haven't been banned and they are all gone. I would be very bummed and saddened....Many of us would be. Does anyone know what's going on???
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    Saw your posts and wanted to check in with you and say "Hi". So glad to hear you are sleeping through the night. Do you wake you feeling refreshed? Iam also sleeping through the night thanks to Klonopin, but I still wake up feeling exhausted (not getting the restorative sleep I need). It is wonderful though to sleep through the night without waking up which is relatively new for me as well.

    So glad the Doxy is working for you. Have you found out any more about the new test results? Sure hope they have some definitive answers for you.

    I just saw my rheumy today and he wants me to start on Provigil to help with energy and mental fatigue. Haven't decided if I will try it or not. Many scary side effects, but several people have said it was a godsend for them.

    Anyway, glad you are doing better. Keep me posted.

  9. waltz

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    I too was looking for a thread femmdange started a few days ago, where she had posted a very interesting research article, I think it was on food and gut flora. Does anyone know what article I am talking about?

    I wanted to look up the article on the Web at the actual publication, but now the thread and post is gone. And there are no posts by femmdange if you do a username search.

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