Ive been there as well.

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    I struggled with depression when I was in my teens and early twenties. I tried Zoloft too, but it made me jittery, like I'd had too much coffee. I didn't continue to take it. When I met my husband, I found out that he and I had gone through the worst parts of depression right at about the same time (we did not know eachother then). It was such a relief to know that all of those things I went through, there are other people that are out there going through the same thing. (Of course, NOT saying that "its good they go through it"). I beileve that "every man is an island," but when I talked to him about it, and talking to others and seeing my friend go through it, makes those islands seem not quite so far apart. This is what we are going to make her see. With love and support and not leaving her to feel more alone than she does. Thanks for the support and suggestions. It really helps get a broader spectrum of others feelings so maybe we can figure out how best to help my friend. I am also looking into some therapy for her.
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    You will always find somebody who has something in common with you. Maybe more than you think. I hope you can help your friend. Daneen

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