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    Today I read 1 Peter chapter 5. It says,"Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you." Sometimes I feel I'm irresponsible for my life and become a coward if I really CAST ALL MY ANXIETY ON HIM. I mean I really don't know which moment or situation will be appropriate to do so. Anxiety is always with me. After I pray to God, I may feel I'm some how useless....

    Just want to share my thought. wish you all well.
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    Hi there, thanks for all the kind supports. The only thing I worry is, if God really wants to put me in certain kind of tough situations according to his plan, then i keep running away because of the anxiety or keep praying for his help, don't you think God will be unhappy and disappointed? I know this question sounds stupid, but I really keep thinking about it...and that's why I might feel I'm useless.......
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    Hello Hangininthere and Sweetpotatoe,
    Thank you for all the encouragement. Hangininthere, I hope one day I can be like you that you're so familiar with Bible. I think that is a great help when I'm in need, I can go to the right chapters right away. A very good experience i guess.

    May God bless everyone.
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    Thank you for writing me. Xanax works quite well on me. Zoloft doesn't really show its effect. And I ran out of Zoloft last week so I stopped taking it. For the moment I can't afford to consult the doctor to get some more Zoloft. Anxiety still attacks me quite often....but you know what? I can still maintain the positive thinking of God. I didn't complain to Him. I keep praying and somehow I believe He will help me later on.

    I'm happy to know you're doing fine according to other member's post.

    By the way please pray for Lms526, you might check her message on the Depression board.