I've decided, after five months, to.........

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    go back to work! As long as I am having to take all these steroids for my "other" illness, I might as well enjoy the false-energy I have and make some money! I KNOW that I cannot work daytime or evening hours anymore, the stimulation is just too much for me, what with the call bells going off, the phones ringing, the elderly chanting and crying, the employees laughing, fire alarms ringing......BUT, I've always enjoyed 11-7 shift and it is so much easier. I'd have just one small med pass, really, and I'd have a lot of paperwork, which I'm pretty good at, and then the AM med pass and labs to be drawn and I'd be home in five minutes to sleep! I guess the REAL reason I started thinking this way was that my husband is sick and has been out of work for many weeks. He had his thyroid ablated in 1998 with radioactive iodine treatments because he had a hyperthyroid storm, which nearly killed him. Once he got to the point in that treatment where he was very HYPOthyroid, he started taking Levoxyl and has continued to since then. The problem is, he has periods of times where his labwork doesn't look like he's even been taking his medicine. He had more labs done and he has autoimmune processes going on; Hashimoto's thyroiditis, Sjogren's and what looks like, CFIDS!!! All I know is, he has NO energy at all and this is not like him. I need to work to support us. God must think this is the thing to do, cause I'm pumped about it!! I WANT to go back as long as it can be on night shift ONLY! I pray this will work out!!!
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    If you think this is really something you can do I say go for it. However i really worry about you. i think of you so often and I just don't want this to throw you over the top and be in terribly miserable pain again. I know that you had applied for disability has that not worked for you?
    PLEASE don't think i am trying to be a bummer on you about this because I totally am not. I just worry about you all the time is all. if you think you can then i say go for it all the way. It may even be something to think about going back part time to start. I think that is a wonderful idea with going on the third shift though it definitely is a lighter load when it comes to the patient/ nurse aspect. Please keep us informed and let us know what you decided and how it is working out.
    Good luck to you sweetie.
    Take care,
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    I can see why you would feel the need to go back to work and I hope it works out OK for you. I could not trust myself to be in a position of making sure meds were correct as my cognitive problems do not make me reliable. I'm trying to figure out what I can do where little mistakes wouldn't have a big impact. Good luck.

    Love, Mikie
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    I envy you. I miss working so much! Just at least for the social aspect of it! Just don't overdue it! Take it easy on yourself so you don't make yourself worse! Let us know how it goes!!

    Love and Hugs,
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    You be careful---Sandy made some valid points about the craziness and lack of staff on the 11-7, sometimes thats when all hell breaks loose. My sis who has CFS and is a RN in L&D, from 7pm-7am-- She can only go three to four days, and then crashes for a couple of days, till its time to start over....
    Can you give three or four nites a try to begin with, to test the waters? I worked then nite shift for years---but it does mess up your time clock/metabolism. You got to make sure when you get home, hon, that you get the sleep you need---which is so hard when the family is wide awake making demands.
    Take this cautiously please---and remember to take extra good care of yourself. You have been feeling better lately---take care not to overdo, and get set back.
    I will be praying for your success!

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    Hi Kady, I so admire your strong will and determination! Just be sure to keep in tune with your body and recognize the warning signs of over fatigue, over exhertion, etc. I know you have missed your career terribly as we all do. It is so much better to take care of someone else isn't it? I remember when I was working- I could become so focused on my nursing that I would not give notice to my pain. But after work on the way home I would get nailed with the fatigue and pain/stiffness. Please be very careful. I am so sorry your hubby is ill also. Seems like you have had more than your share of "hard times". Take care - I'll be praying for you too!
    God Bless,