I've experienced a lucid moment....

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by carsch, Nov 20, 2005.

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    and re-wrote my bio for anyone who may be interested. I posted my bio a few days ago & after reading it again, couldn't make any sense of it, so I think it's improved.

    I've read several postings & replies, & it doesn't seem to matter that much that guys are quite the minority here, as far as I've seen, all of you/us are in basically the same boat. We all live in a world of narrow minded people who are terrified to think outside the box, who think that if it can't be comprehended then it can't be possible. Having something like this happen to us certainly can let us know who our friends are.
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    Thanks for the new bio. I need to write a better one myself. I am glad you found this site. I have been here over two years and have really gained alot.

    I am also in California and thankfully have a wonderful doctor who treats many fibro patients.

    You have been through alot and I hope your doctors are helping you.

    Take care...
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    read your profile, 'your hands work as well as paws' - I like that phrase, very apt for many of us I think.

    You have had a very interesting life and it seems to me you have GWS but I know it's not easy to get a diagnosis on that, in the UK the guys are still fighting to have it even recognised as a disease.

    Yes our friends desert us in droves, if friends they were in the first place (droves? - I wasnt quite that popular) My estimation of the human race has gone down considerably in the past few years but there's always the few who surprise me, thank goodness.

    Well, I'm glad you found this board too, it's been an eye opener for me - I have learned SO much since coming here this past year and I get so much support too.

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