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    Are any of you going to group therapy with other Fibromyalgia patients? If you are, is it helping? My GP doctor has sent me to a Psychiatry / Pain Management doctor. I was a little nervous having never gone to this type of doctor. It turned out it wasn't so bad. He seems very caring and told me that after a couple of single visits he would like me to come to group therapy. He prescribed some new Rx's for me and I will see him again in 4 weeks. I am a little nervous about the group therapy but feel that if it helps it will be worth it. I have not met anyone with Fibromyalgia. Guess I will meet some in a month or two. Take care.

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    Hurts, you are in the middle of a lot of group therapy here, whether you know it or not. And through this forum, you've met a lot of folks with FM. This is what it's like -- sharing experiences and information, receiving support and encouragement, and getting through it with grace and humor. I think it will be great for you! Sounds like you have a good doc.
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    Did the Dr say it was going to be FMS patients? That's cool, if that's what he has going. Let us know how it goes. I was offered group therapy, but it was not for chronic pain, it was for depression & I felt that it would not help me. Guess I was/am feeling vulnerable around being around people & having to explain my pain when I 'don't look sick'- you know how that is! So I did not go to the group therapy. I did start 1-on-1 counseling, but that did not work out either, as my counselor was one of those that wanted me to 'get in touch w/my inner child' & I did not want to relive the past & wanted to be able to deal w/my present & future. So I come hear now & read & write & it seems to work just fine for me. Take care!
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    don't want to, but that's a personal preference for me. I prefer to not be in a group discussing all the aches and pains and misunderstanding that goes along with this disease. I prefer this forum and the chat room associated with this board. It's what works for me. dolsgirl

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    Sorry, Healing, I guess I should have said, never met someone with Fibromyalgia in person. I am so grateful to have found this message board and all the great people such as yourself. I agree with you that I am receiving group therapy here, but my doctor thinks I need more. My doctor is a very caring and wonderful person.

    Tattopixie, yes, he said that the group of people I will meet also have Fibromyalgia. It will be the first time I meet anyone in person with this DD. Wish me luck.

    Dolsgirl, I don't blame you. If this works for you why try anything else. It does help me too, but my doctor feels I need more help. If I get uncomfortable about being part of this I will not continue going. I am sure my doctor will understand and not push the issue. She is the greatest doctor I have ever had. I have also been in the chat room quite a few times. I really do enjoy it. Everyone here is so friendly. I am so happy to communicate with all of you.
    Take care.