I've Got A Song Stuck In My Head....

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    Does this happen to you? I'm sure it does! :D

    This could possibly be a new song thread, GB! Maybe? LOL

    "What is the most 'inappropriate' song you've got stuck in your head, at the wrong time?"

    I'll give y'all three guesses, to guess my song.

    Oops, time's up!


    Here's the song stuck in my head, at this time of the year:

    Last year, in OCTOBER! I had this song stuck in my head:

    I wish this song would stick in my mind, at this time of the year -- it's my favorite holiday tune:

    Let me know what y'all think -- what's stuck playing in your head???

    Hugs, Diane
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  2. rockgor

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    Hi Diane

    I remember when two of the above songs were new. In fact, most of the secular
    Christmas songs are from the days of my yute. (My uncle always said "yute".)
    Dave Barry said The Little Drummer Boy lyrics were wrong. Drums don't go
    rum pum pum pum. They go rat a tat tat.

    I remember the first day back at school one college year. A friend came up to me
    and asked, "Have you still got that record?" He said he had a song stuck in his
    head for the last two weeks. Like me, he had discovered the best way to unstick
    a song. Listen to a recording of it. Works every time. Here's the song.

    Actually there are two songs in the video. The first one is "Home Again".
    That's the one that was stuck.

    The second is "Gentleman Jimmy". The show won several Tonys including
    best show and best actor. The actor was Tom Bosley many years before "Happy
    Days". I saw him in it on tour.

    Seems like the songs stuck in your head aren't always calendar appropriate. What
    gets stuck around Valentine's Day? "Ireland, Mother Ireland"? :rolleyes:

    Happy Holidays

    Just tested the video. No workee. Well, maybe it will work for you. :eek:
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  3. ConfusedInPA

    ConfusedInPA Well-Known Member

    Hi Rock!

    Your reply made me SOL (smile out loud)! :)

    Your video plays just fine on my computer. I'm listening to it right now. I never knew that Tom Bosley was on Broadway! I always loved him in Happy Days.

    Here's a clip of Mr. Bosley singing in the Broadway version of Beauty and the Beast:

    It seems that songs only get stuck in my head for long periods of time, around Christmas! Why I'm singing/humming Bing Crosby/Easter Bonnet right now -- I don't know! LOL

    And yep, I do play the song, over and over. And still it sticks! :)

    Maybe I'll find more songs, browsing YouTube. And maybe, just maybe, one of those songs will replace "Easter Bonnet." I hope (fingers crossed).


    Enjoy!!!! And remember, I'd still like to hear from y'all, about what songs are "stuck in your head"! :)

    Hugs, Diane
  4. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Diane

    Lottsa people have been on Broadway although they are not generally know for it.
    To wit: John Travolta, Patty and Maxene Andrews, John Goodman (Roseanne's
    hubby on TV), Robert Horton (who was in a popular cowboy show in the 50s
    and 60s called "Wagon Train"). Roger Miller (who wrote the B'dway musical "Big
    River" as well as "King of the Road, etc. ) Debbie Reynolds, Lauren Bacall, Ann
    Miller, Myrna Loy, Eve Arden, Angela Lansbury, Tony Randall, Henry Winkler,
    Katherine Hepburn and lots of etcs.

    Tom Bosley reminds me of S. Z. Sakall in the above clip. Sakall was a character
    actor who was in dozens of films in the 30s, 40s and 5os. I don't think that
    tune from Beauty and the Beast will get stuck in anybody's head. Not catchy enough.

    I remember when "Rocking Around the Christmas Tree" was new too. Written by
    Johnny Marks. Despite being Jewish, he wrote several Christmas songs: Rudolph
    the Red Nosed Reindeer and Holly Jolly Christmas.

    Had a tune stuck in my head a month or so back. I really wasn't paying much
    attention. Finally, I said, "What is that anyway?" Turned out to be "For
    Me and My Gal"; also the name of the film that starred Judy Garland and Gene
    Kelly in his film debut.

    Am reading a bio of Stanley Donan. He was in the chorus of the Broadway show "Pal
    Joey". The star was Gene Kelly. The first show for both of them. In their next
    show Gene was the choreographer and Stanley was his assistant. Stanley went on to
    direct films for MGM.

    Yes, the video I posted will now play for me too. Computers are such mysterious

  5. gb66

    gb66 Well-Known Member

    Regarding songs that play in your head. Okay, this is really silly but I seem to have a default song that starts playing when I'm very upset or depressed about anything. It's that old standby favorite, Rachmaninoff's Piano Concerto #2. :)

    Yes, it's Rachman again. I listened to that record so much when I was young that I can hear it playing note by note, and not even realize for a few minutes that I'm thinking about it.

    I think it's because when I got upset during some hard family times as a young teen, I would turn on my little hi fi and listen to it over and over. It sort of drowned out all that was going on at home.

    Yes, I know that's weird. Recently, I saw The Sound of Music special on tv, the one with Carrie Underwood, I could not get that "I am 16 going 0n 17" song out of my head for a week! Very annoying, don't really care for that song.

    I'll see if I can come up with more! GB
  6. hangininthere

    hangininthere Well-Known Member

    Also, I'm sure we all notice appropriate songs running through our head at times. I do.

    Such as, once in a while, in a certain situation when I was mildly disappointed, I'd hear 'Is That All There Is?' song by Peggy Lee in my head and was amused that popped up.

    One time I had to do something really traumatizing and I heard the movie 'Psycho' bathtub scene music playing in my head real loud the whole time.

    So often I'll hear a tune running through my head. When I pay attention and make out the words, I notice it perfectly fits the situation I'm currently engaged in. Cool.

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  7. gb66

    gb66 Well-Known Member

    Hangininthere, It's interesting that your songs are so appropriate for the situations in your life. I've had that happen to me a few times too.

    Do you ever sing songs in your dreams? Last night I was leading a group of people in singing "Glory, Glory Hallelujah". I even sang the second verse! It felt good to be able to sing again, even if it was just a dream. I had a lovely voice in my dream. :)

    I've had dreams where I sat down and played the piano too. I can't play a note actually, well maybe chopsticks. In those dreams I was amazed, it was like "how am I doing this?"

    Speaking of dreams, I've noticed that I am seeing myself ill in my dreams lately. Up until recently, I was always younger and healthy. Now, I see myself having to lie down or sit down. I guess my self perception has changed.

    I didn't realize you had been ill since 1971. Mine hit in 1978. Were you ill much before that time? My health situation really seemed to change when I had mono at 17. I never had much stamina after that.

    Good to see you again. Playing games is very relaxing and fun. I'm trying to think of some more song game ideas! GB
  8. hangininthere

    hangininthere Well-Known Member

    OMG, you've read my mind. Earlier today the idea crossed my mind to start a thread about dreams we've dreamt! But I was too chicken to start it!

    Cool dreams you had!

    I dream long, full-color, epic-length dreams every time I sleep, during naps and all.

    I'm always CFS sick in my dreams, but able to move around and be places like I used to before becoming bedridden at age 45 when my CFS got way worse. I'm 61 now. I wrote everything in my profile, you can see the details there.

    I've been kind of miserable all my life. I was extremely painfully shy since a toddler - all my life until I had my son when I was age 25. Now I'm just shy, but can manage to talk to strangers, etc. In fact, I've become a blabbermouth - over-compensating for my shyness.

    I started to get depressed at age 13. I remember telling my mom "I feel icky." She took me to doc and he said there was nothing wrong. Then at age 15 I became bipolar on the depression-side to this day. Miserable feeling, but never needed hospitalization for it.

    Plus my Attention Deficit Disorder wears me out too. Takes all my energy to concentrate on the simplest thing. Have to map out and picture in my head just about every move I make, including planning in my head the details of getting up and getting a bath, etc. Typical of ADD.

    So I've got 3 exhausting illnesses piled on top of each other. And aging is making me even more tired.

    I don't remember ever dreaming I was singing or playing piano. But in real life I was always singing after I had my son. The neighbors in the apartment I lived in with paper-thin walls made fun of me when they could hear me singing in the bathroom giving my little son his bath - the song on 'Mr. Rogers' show "It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood. A beautiful day for a neighbor - won't you be mine?" Hahahaha, I don't blame them for laughing.

    I got my Grandma's piano and learned five old hymns from my church hymnbook. Couldn't read music, just wrote the notes down in plain English by each note - such as A, C, Cm, etc.

    The dream I do remember vividly is that I was ice-skating, ice-dancing. I think it's the freest form of dance. I was clumsy and amateur in the dream, but could do spins and leap through the air and all that. That was such a fun dream - in fact, that part of the long dream was the only happy dream I've had. In real life, I can't even stand up on ice skates, my ankles turn, much less skate - even though I can roller skate fine and dandy - just forward. All my dreams are tired out and fraught with everyday predicaments. Half of the dreams are bizarre.

    I like to analyze my dreams by my own standards/thoughts. Not by dream books or anything. Just to figure out why I had such a bizarre dream. And I always figure out what things in real life triggered it. Fun.

    In the past couple of years, I haven't been able to remember the details of my dreams. I must be sleeping deeper I'm guessing.

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  9. gb66

    gb66 Well-Known Member

    Patti, I have dreams in color also. Sometime vivid colors, especially blues and greens. I have one recurring that I've had ever since I moved away from home. I'm always trying to get back to the house where I grew up. It was my grandmother's house.

    In the dreams I somehow suddenly remember that the house is empty and it belongs to me. I go there and decide to fix the place up and live there. I don't know why I dream this though, the place has mostly unhappy memories for me. Maybe I'm looking for a do over with me in charge of everything, hoping I'll do it better and be happy.

    I'm sorry to hear that you've had so many health problems for so long. I have added a lot of other conditions over the last 3 or 4 years that I'd rather do without. :)

    The CFS/FM hit me suddenly too. I had some sort of viral-like infection that just would not quit. It's gotten progressively worse over the years. I'm not bedridden but am homebound 99% of the time and wheelchair bound when leaving home for medical appnt's.

    Back to dreams. I used to dream that I was flying through space and looking down on the trees as I left the ground. It was a thrilling sensation. Haven't had one of those dreams lately though. Guess I'm earthbound for awhile.

    I've always wanted to ice skate. It looks like fun. One of my young cousins, she's 15, is a competitive ice skater. She enters local competitions. She's very graceful. I've seen her videos on FB.
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  10. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Friends

    Don't all kids dream of flying? I did. Be fun to do again. I realized several years ago that
    my dreams generally do not have images in them. I'm aware of a situation, but don't
    actually visualize it. Seldom have any dreams any more.

    Patti, I read a couple bear books a few years back. Not sure if they would be suitable
    for your son or not. "Among the Bears" by Benjamin Kilham is about raising orphaned
    black bear cubs. I think Kilham had to struggle with his book because of some dyslexia.

    I also read a book about Timothy Treadwell; maybe one by him too. He spent 13
    summers in Alaska living among grizzly bears. Eventually he and a friend were
    killed by a bear.

    You can find videos of both these men on Youtube.

  11. hangininthere

    hangininthere Well-Known Member

    (I deleted some too personal info I was venting about.)

    GB, I dream a lot of my house I grew up in. But had a peaceful childhood. The only problems I had were within myself, or ones I created when I hit teen years. They are never good dreams though. My dreams are always nerve-wracking.

    So I don't even get any rest in my dreams.

    Yes, I've had recurring dreams of being three different kinds of birds. One I fly high, must have been a goose. One I'm flitting from building ledge to ledge up high, must have been a city pigeon. And one I flap with all my might and can only fly a few yards, must have been a chicken. They never felt fun, like I said, all my dreams are filled with anxiety just like in my real life.

    Many nightmares, such as running down the streets from killers. And I run into a house that no one is home in, and try to use the phone to call for help, but the phone never works. The dream book says that's because I feel no one in real life is listening to me, which is true (thank God for this support group). And a monster like Frankenstein after me inside a building. From the movies no doubt. And some worse nightmares that shook me to the core for days.

    I have gotten some ideas from dream books that seem accurate. Such as I'm always dreaming I moved into a shabby apartment or house or even huge old grimy castle, and am trying to clean it up to make it liveable, but it's too far gone. I read dreaming of a house can mean the condition your life is in. Mine is from wretched CFS, etc. Thus the wretched home.

    I've dreamed a lot of falling into deep water, such as a lot of times my car falls off a bridge into deep water, and I'm trying to get everyone out of the car and up to the surface. Easy analysis from the dream book - I feel as if I'm overloaded and sinking (and I am). In real life, I love to swim, paddle about.

    I also dream that any boat I get into immediately tips and sinks - be it a canoe, rowboat, or motorboat. I cannot ride in a boat for the life of me in my dreams.

    GB, a space ship pilot, hahahahaha! I love Star Trek and sci-fi too. Were you having fun or feeling alright driving it alone with no one on board?

    GB, tell us some more of your fun dreams!

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  12. gb66

    gb66 Well-Known Member

    Patti, In my space ship dream I was all alone. My first thought was that I didn't know how to fly it but when I went to the controls, I just automatically knew what to do. It wasn't at all scary, very exciting really.

    When I was young I had scary dreams but now not so much. Just strange ones. I dream a lot. I really look forward to dreaming sometimes because I get to do things that I can't do anymore.

    I also dream about babies a lot. There's this cute little one that belongs to me only it isn't any of my kids. It sure is cute though! I think I miss not being able to be in the lives of my greatgrandchildren. I have a ggson that I haven't seen since he was one day old, he's 7 years old now. I see him on FB though.

    I just plain miss life. GB
  13. hangininthere

    hangininthere Well-Known Member

    GB, you are such a fun person. You are delightful.

    Now I'll picture you happily driving your spaceship, hahahaha.

    Me and hubby love kids. We fuss over them at the grocery store.

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  14. hangininthere

    hangininthere Well-Known Member

    How's this for cute babies?!

  15. gb66

    gb66 Well-Known Member

    Awwwww, they're so cute! I wanted to mention that there's a new song game on here called "Lost and Found". Take a look and give it a try. GB
  16. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Cute video, Patti. Here's a kawinkydink for you. Came across this T shirt. Don't
    know if you'll want to show it to your son or not.


  17. hangininthere

    hangininthere Well-Known Member

    Rock, great shirt, hahahaha. Yes, such a kawink' you ran into it, wow. I'll show it to him the next time he starts talking about it, thanks!

    GB, I couldn't for the life of me think of a lost or found song - then last night I finally thought of one, but can't post the video because of inappropriate language. I'll go just write down the title and artist. Same with the alphabet game, I can't for the life of me think of anything, I go blank no matter how hard I think, really weird of me!

  18. gb66

    gb66 Well-Known Member

    Patti, I have those dreams too, about trying to phone for help and can't get the phone to work or can't remember the phone number. Another recurring dream is that I'm driving to a place that seems vaguely familiar, then I remember that I've been there before but I'm afraid that I won't remember how to get back home.

    I just start driving and hope that I don't get lost. I never finish the dream so I don't know if I get home or not.

    Another is that I go into a large building, like a school or store in a mall. Then, when I leave the building, nothing on the outside looks familiar, so I go back in and try to figure out where I am. Each time I go back outside I'm further away from anything familiar and I feel very panicky. I think these dreams are related to fears and frustrations from being ill for so long. GB
  19. hangininthere

    hangininthere Well-Known Member

    My hubby just got approved for Medicaid, and needs so many important appointments now that we can get taken care of. Including getting his benign slow-growing kidney tumor checked. Eye glasses, dentures, and more.

    Last night I had three recurring dreams between going to bathroom. Dreamed we were in a clinic waiting room, which we will be, waiting and waiting - we were sitting on the floor like some others were, and me leaning against him. Then dreamed I was trying to get everyone in the car to go to an appointment, and took forever trying to get everyone packed and get going. Just a real-life everyday frustrations dream.

    I've dreamed of my teeth falling out. And broken bones sticking out of my skin - but no pain. Glad I don't feel physical pain in dreams. Just extreme emotional pain in dreams, which is awful. I've dreamed of pulling a dental floss like string from a tooth, which never ends, I just keep pulling and pulling and it never comes out.

    I love hearing about dreams.

    One time in real life, after visiting someone at the hospital, I thought my car had been stolen and reported it to police and took a taxi home. I was in my early twenties - I've always been ditzy. The next day the cops called - they had found it in the parking lot on other side of hospital - I had forgotten which lot it was in.

    I hope your UTI is gone now. Be sure to take your probiotic now, and don't forget. It will keep the infection from coming back.

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  20. gb66

    gb66 Well-Known Member

    Patti, Thanks for the probiotic reminder. I'll start on them soon. I think the uti is gone but need to take a test to be sure. The whole thing made me really sick, including the nasty medicine I had to take.

    About those dreams, I have had the broken tooth dream. I've dreamed that all my teeth were breaking off and falling out. It's very upsetting, to say the least. Always good to wake up!

    I did the same thing in the mall parking lot one time. I did finally locate my car but I had exited the store from a different door on the side of the building, thinking it was the back. Very scary feeling.

    This was after I had CFS. I didn't have those problems before. It's like a fog descends on your mind/head. I still do that. I'd hate to think what would happen it I was still driving. :) GB