I've had a bad week.....

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    Monday afternoon I went to go pay my rent, the few parking slots were full so I parked on the back part of the lot and I didn't realize when I got out there was mud and not pavement. I slipped in the mud, thought I regained my balance took a few steps and fell forward on my knees.

    It was cold outside and everything tensed up really fast. I ended up not going to work because of the pain. I went to work Tuesday afternoon and I was really in a lot of pain and it was very hard to think and talk (I do telephone surveys) After 2 hours I talked with my supervisor at break and decided it would be a good idea to go to the chiropractor; and fortunately they had an opening that night at 6:30pm. (supervisor said she could tell just by looking at me I was in a lot of pain)

    The chiropractor adjusted spots in my upper back & neck. He massaged my jaw & neck up behind my ears and said that whole area the tightest he had ever seen me to be in. He massaged them and adjusted my jaw.

    Didn't work on Wednesday and went in on Thursday knowing I wasn't really up it but felt I like I had to at least make an attempt. I had only been at work a few minutes & a co-worker came to talk to me and as I turned around to talk to her I had shooting pains in my jaw along with instant tears. She asked why I was there and I told her I was worried that if I missed too much work I would get fired.

    My co-worker went and talked with my supervisor who in turn asked to see me. My supervisor is really nice and said that she understood why I couldn't work, however she needed a drs note for my file (work policy if a person misses 3 days a drs note is needed) She said as long as I had a drs note not to worry. Told her my regular drs office was booked but I could probably get another appt at the chiropractor. She said that would be fine.

    So at the chirpractor's office I was talking with the bookkeeper and we got on the subject of insurance and she said she thought it was terrible that my insurance wouldn't pay for chiropractor visits. I was totally shocked to learn of this --I thought the insurance had applied my visits to the deductible. Before I knew it I was in tears.

    Then I told the bookkeeper that since my insurance wasn't going to pay anything I couldn't afford to be there & I started to leave and she called me back. She gave me a hug and told me to stay for my treatment & that she would accept payments of $ 15.00 a month.

    The chiropractor said I was still a mess and wanted me off until until Monday and gave me a note.

    Before I went to the chiropractor I was able to talk to my dentist about the situation and he agreed to call in a prescription for Flexeril.

    Turned out that the prescprtion was not called in and the dentist office was closed today. I left a message on their answering machine that someone forgot & I hoped by Monday I no longer needed the medication. ( I hope I wasn't too rude--other than being extremely frustrated)

    I've just been hanging out and using my heating pad with a wet towel inside--for moist hot heat on my neck & shoulders, using ice pack, eating popsciles and other soft food. If I get up and move around too much my jaw starts throbbing and tensing up. For my fibro I have tramdol, neurotin & low dosage vicodin, so I've made sure to be taking them & my other meds.

    Sorry for such a long post--going to lay down & try to find something to watch on TV.

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