I've Had Bell's Palsy and Shingles this past year. Why?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Renee, Jan 29, 2003.

  1. Renee

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    I want to make my long story short. I began this 2002 with a terrible respiratory infection. I got very sick while in Phoenix visiting my sister. I was taken to a hospital and told it was a viral infection. I got progressively worse. When I came home to Iowa, I was told I had a terrible bacterial infection. I fought the infection for over 6 weeks. Two weeks later I came down with Bell's Palsy. I was put on anti-virals and my doctor recommended I see a Rheumatologist because of classic symptoms of either fibroymalgia or CFS. He diagnosed me with fibro. This fall I became very ill with sinus infection (which is normal for me). The week before Christmas I became very ill with severe pains in my side. I was given a CAT scan and found to have a very infected gallbladder, also loaded with stones so underwent surgery. Two days after coming home from the hospital I developed a bad case of shingles and am still receiving treatment.
    My question is this: I know that no test can confirm fibro. I do know that I have been given Neurontin for nerve pain for Shingles. I do not have sore muscles any longer. I realize it can be the Neurontin helping the pain. Or it could be I have carried such a low grade infection for a long time that I did not have fibro but infection. I am seeing my doctor tomorrow. I wonder if there are certain blood tests I can be given to determine infection (besides a white count - which, by the way was extremely high prior to the gall bladder coming out). I am perplexed beause I do have other symptoms of fibro: daily headaches, IBS, acid reflux, etc. Had my thyroid removed 5 years ago due to Hashimoto's. I currently take Estratest, Synthroid, Celexa, Nexium and Neurontin, plus various things for pain when I need it.
    I appreciate all help - I read this site daily, but have never posted. I have learned a lot and would love to hear from you folks.
    It's cold and snowy in Iowa!!
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    Hi Renee, I'm truly sorry you are feeling so bad and have all these problem.I have FM-RA-IBS-Spinal Stenois-Asthma.And in 1999 come down with Bells palsey.I did'nt know anything about Bells Palsey before I got it. I think it's about the worse thing I've had to deal with for quite some time. I was wondering if you were left with any affects of this desease. My lasted for about 6months and I regained 95 % of my facial features back.I still have problems with some words and have to shut my left eye to chew.I did'nt relize how common it is,Did you.How are you doing in regards to that.It'seems to me with this Fm stuff ,we are always dealing with one thing or another.Please let me know how it goes,sorry I can't help you in any way except tp say I understand and my heart goes out to you. Heres a BIG HUG. stay in touch ,Danisue
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    are caused by the same virus that causes chicken pox.

    so if you have had chicked pox,you are far more likely to develop either,or both of these conditions at some point in your life.
    bells palsy and shingles can be exacerbated by stress,

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    I had the shingles back in '97, & they were horrible for me..Giving birth was easier..If you had all these other problems there is no wonder why you came down with shingles..I was always told that shingles will often come after stressful situations..The people that I know that have had shingles ALL got them after being stressed for so long..I for one, had been under a great deal of stress when I got mine..The pain was horrible for me..I got pain approx 2-3 days before I ever broke out..Ended up in the ER one Sat. night because of pain..The ER dr. just took a guess by the way I was explaining the pain, and suspected shingles - well he was right- within 2 days I started to break out..

    By your symptoms and such, Yes, I would say you do indeed have Fibro..Especially since you have had thyroid problems, Hashimotos is an autoimmune disease, and although not considered by everyone in the medical profession, Fibro is considered autoimmune; and if you have one autoimmune problem the chances of having another one are very common..
    Maybe your muscles are feeling better due to the pain meds. or you are just not in a bad flare right now..
    Wishing you the best....Take Care........Donna
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    I think I read somewhere that Bells Palsey can occur as a symptom of lyme disease. Maybe you should be tested for Lyme infection which has many of the same symptoms as FMS.
    Take care,
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    Wow, I think you got something major going on with you and should get a thorough check. Something doesn't click coming down with one thing after another.....
  7. Renee

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    I am on the same dosage of Neurontin 200 mg. 3 times a day. It has really helped the shingles pain. It was the most painful thing I have ever had and I've had two kids and 3 surgeries!
    Take care - I hope you are starting to feel better. Lots of rest and eating right, they say, helps as well.

    I'm hoping 2003 is better - I have a daughter getting married in July and a son graduating from High School in May. I have to get better!
  8. Renee

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    I'm so sorry to hear you have shingles. If you just broke out, yes, you will have pain. I broke out December 23 and still have pain (February 1). The Neurontin helps immensely. You will have to take a pain killer. I still take a Vicodin now and then. I now suffer from Post-Herpetic Neuralgia, which is common after shingles. I am going to a chiropractor who helps with the pain, along with ice (don't use heat - it makes it hurt and itch worse!!) I also got Capcasian (Spelling?) which is a cream prescribed by my doctor to help with the creepy skin. I felt also very flulike and ran a fever for a week.
    I keep you in my prayers. It was worse than having babies but it does get better. My problem now is building my immune system. Got another sinus infection.
    Take care. Renee
  9. Renee

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    My shingles pain is at the site I broke out (on my right hip and back) as well as in my lower back. The pain has changed - not as severe and knife like. Now it's more like an ache (typical backache). I have found relief in heat now and my chiropractor has really helped. My doctor tells me I may have that pain for up to a year until I've healed.

    Changing the subject a bit - I am in need of some ways to boost my immune system. Any thoughts anyone??