Ive had my baby boy!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by severina, Mar 28, 2003.

  1. severina

    severina New Member

    I havent been here for ages,and I just wanted to let my
    friends here know that I had my baby boy called Logan on
    03/03/03. He is beautiful and absolutely perfect.
    Throughout my pregnancy I posted here a few times, and my fm
    symptoms were in remission for most of the time. However
    they have come back with a vengance. I feel like I am more
    ill than I have ever been - pain is very bad and my emotions
    are also at a low ebb. However with good support from my family and doctor I am hoping to be as well as I can be for my lovely baby - and of course advice and support from my friends here always helps too. I hope you are all doing well and I look forward to hearing from you.
    Take care
  2. bejo

    bejo New Member

    Hey Arlene,aren't babies wonderful.Physically it might be rough for a while,but with a Dr. working with you,you'll get it under control again.I'm so happy for you.((((()))))
  3. j9miller

    j9miller New Member

    Congratulations!!! I am thrilled for you and your family. How wonderful children are. God bless all of you.
    Hang in there and rest as much as you can and communicate with your doctor all of your pains and emotions. You will get through this. Take care.

  4. Bellesmom

    Bellesmom New Member

    I don't know why we are all sick but I think you'll be able to make it with your good support.

    Welcome back and hope you are able to read a few times now and then to get encouragement and support here. We love you, you know!!!

  5. Dayle

    Dayle New Member

    Congradulations, I am not supprised that you are ill again the stress on our bodies during pregnancy & delivery is so great. All you can do now is rest rest rest. Take good care of yourself as well as Logan. Remember if you are breast feeding this will also draw on your limited resourses.
    LOL, Day
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  6. pam_d

    pam_d New Member

    I'm so happy for you & your family, I hope you get through this painful period---made tougher with the inevitable lack of sleep babies are known to cause!---so that you can enjoy him even more.

    I have a daughter named Logan----good name choice!!

    Much happiness & hope you feel better!

  7. Madelyn

    Madelyn New Member

    Congratulations!! Of course you may be experiencing normal physical and emotional letdown after the birth, which may improve soon, (as well as old symptoms).
    I wish you very well, and hope you feel much better soon!
    Aren't babies great!
  8. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    HUGE Congratulations to you! I'm sorry you aren't doing so well, but I suspect after your hormones settle down a little you will get some relief. I hope so. Enjoy your baby and put his pictue in your profile.

    Love, Mikie
  9. baby-bear

    baby-bear New Member

    May God bless you and your new baby!!! What a wonderful gift they are. Hope you get better soon...sounds like hormones to me too!! Love...Pammy