I've lost 14 pounds in a month!

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  1. Shelle16

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    Hey everyone haven't been here in a while. Very busy. I jsut wanted to share my weight lose with my friends. I have been on weight watchers for the last month and I have lost 14 pounds I haven't even been doing alot of excersing.I'm actually feeling a whole lot better physically and mentally.Just ever one please keeep there fingers crossed for me. Please share any diets tips you have had or any of your diet sucess
  2. AnnetClo

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    Good for you girl. I've never tried WW, but I have a couple of friends who are on it and they're doing great!! Keep up the good work and I'll keep my fingers, toes and eyes crossed for you.

  3. dd

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    Keep up the good work. I know how exciting it is to lose weight. I started on the Atkin's Diet in September of 2001 and have lost almost 100 pounds. I was pushing 220 and desperately needed to lose some weight. I too feel so much better...physically and mentally. When I first started the diet it was not for weight loss it was to control my hypoglycemia but hey I will take the weight loss as an added benefit.

    YOU GO GIRL!!!

  4. tiredTina

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    Shelle... Way to go!! I too am trying to lose weight, but I'm doing Jenny Craig. I've done WW in the past, but like Chocolat, I got tired of all the work. So far I've lost 5 lbs. Wish me luck, I've got 45 more lbs. to go!!! I don't exercise all that much either. The best piece of advice I can give you, is to drink water like crazy!! I drown myself all day long!!! Good Luck!
  5. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    For all y'all who hate weighing and figuring portions, you don't have to do that on the Suzanne Somers diet. I've lost 24 pounds on her diet. One does have to be careful which foods one is combining in a meal, but you can eat all you want, even desserts. I just got her new book and it's the best one yet.

    Love, Mikie
  6. Shelle16

    Shelle16 New Member

    Thank you all for the congrats and the encouraging words. I will take everyones suggestions into consideration.The main reason that I Like WWatchers is that for the most part it is cheaper than alot of other diets.I considered the S somers diet but all that food that she sales is way out of my budget. I don't know much about jenny Craig. But I will check in on it. If weight watchers fails me I won't to try something else.Thanks again.
  7. amymb74

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    I am doing the suzanne somers diet too. It is not complicated at all - very simple. You do not need to read her entire book to learn how to do the diet, actually she has a 1 or 2 page summary of the diet in the book for those who don't want to read the entire thing or want to start the diet before the book is finished. The book is so long because there are lots of recipes, sucess stories, and an in depth explanation on why the diet works, not how to do it. I have only been on it for just over a week so I have not weighed myself but as far as a diet that is easy to follow - this is it. Just my 2 cents. Amy
  8. toots2

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    I congratulate all of you that have lost weight as I know how difficult it is especially when you are ill. I have started the Atkins diet myself but do worry that because I can't exercise I will not lose any weight. I was much inspired to see that some of you do not exercise regularly and have still lost weight. It's not that I don't move, I do try and walk at least three times a week. Because it has been so cold here, it has been difficult to do. Because it hurts me so much each and every time, I can only walk down the street and back. At least I am moving I feel. I have never been able to build up to exercise any length of time because of the pain. I see where others with fibro who are able to exercise and I wonder why it is so impossible for me. Anyway, I am determined to get my 40 lbs off. Summer is almost here and I swim in our pool. Yes, I can swim but have to watch that I don't overdo.
    I stay positive in spite of the fibro but do feel eating is a comfort zone for me and how I deal with this disabling condition. Toots
  9. pepper

    pepper New Member

    Good for you, Shelle! I used to do Weight Watchers successfully before becoming ill. My whole metabolism changed and I could not lose after becoming ill 10 yrs ago - I actually gained although I was starving all the time. I also found all that measuring and counting too energy-consuming.

    When I was told to go off sugar, I found Suzanne Somers and dropped 60 lbs in 8 months. It is very simple, only a few pages you need to be aware of. And it is easy to eat in restaurants. There is no need to buy any of her products. I lost that weight before she even sold products I think.

    I agree her newest book is her best because the recipes, as the title suggests, are really "Fast and Easy" as well as less expensive. They are mostly declicious too. There are lots of excellent recipes in the low carb cafe and on her site. I just look for the shortest list of ingredients!

    Meanwhile, continued success to those of you who are losing weight! It took 3 months before I lost anything on SS but it seemed that the weight started falling off just after the 3 month mark.

    I am back on it trying to lose the last 30 or 40 lbs. Again after less than a month I don't seem to be losing anything although I look less puffy. Meanwhile I am never hungry and I know I will see results soon.


    P.S I lost the 60 lbs without any formal exercise, except for an occasional 10-15 min. walk when I had the energy.
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  10. tired42long

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    It is SSSSOOOO difficult to lose weight with this illness...I can hardly move around our house let alone do any exercise. I never had a weight problem at all till I had my last 2 kids...and turning 40 really didn't help. Keep going girl...motivation is the key, and it sounds like you have it all!!! Congrats! eileen
  11. sybil

    sybil New Member

    me too!!
    i have been on the diet for 2 weeks and i have lost 7lbs!
    isn't it a great programme!! i have stuck to it and it hasn't even been hard,no cravings at all,so i know i will be sucessful in losing the 3 and a half stone,or 48lbs i need to lose to get back to the weight i was 3 years ago!!

    my CFS is pretty bad at the moment,i have absolutely no energy at all,i skipped my hydrotherapy class last week,i was far too weak,but i still lost weight!!

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  12. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    People do lose weight on Weight Watchers and from what I've seen, it is a good program. The best program is the one which works for you!

    It's unfortunate that someone believes that just because Suzanne Somers has written whole books that it takes a whole book to go on the diet. Nothing could be further from the truth. Most of what is in her books is her delicious recipies. You do not need to buy her food; in fact, she sells no food at all except for some sugar substitute, sauces, bread mixes and a few other things. You eat good fresh food you buy at the grocery store.

    Basically, you can eat veggies with protein/fats and you can eat veggies with carbos, but you cannot combine carbos with protein/fats. Keep the carbos and fats separate. You can eat fruit if you eat it by itself. You can even have her delicious desserts, even from the beginning Level I. You don't have to count calories, figure units, weigh anything, and you can pretty much eat til you are full.

    The benefit of the Somers diet is that is was developed to reduce the insulin spiking brought on by excess sugar in the system or through combining fats with carbos. Not only did I lose the weight, but my cholesterol dropped from 191 to 168 and all my lipid panel test improved. I eat eggs, meat, butter and cream. My blood pressure went from high/normal to low/normal. Her diet is based on the same concepts as the Syndrome X Diet.

    Her recipies are sooo good that one can live with this lifestyle eating and never feel deprived. I believe this is what appeals to me. I don't feel like I'm on a diet.

    Love, Mikie
  13. sybil

    sybil New Member

    last year i started 'slimming world'.it was disasterous and i actually gained weight,even though i followed the diet stringently.but i am vegetarian and it seemed to involve me eating a lot of carbohydrates,far more than i would normally.
    so it didn't suit me at all,

  14. vino1112

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    Shelle & everyone - You have all encouraged me to loose weight and your tips have been helping. I lost 5 pounds and am motivated to go on. When I posted my first message to you, I felt desperate because of the steady weight gain of the last 2 years. I too can't exercise musch, even though I had always used exercise as my weight control mechanism. Atkins is working for me.

    And I agree you don't need a book, or to spend a lot of money. The Atkins website is free and has all the information you need to proceed. I'm not a sales person for Atkins, but this is the first time in my life I've been able to loose weight without lots of exercise. Of course, we will see if it continues and if I can keep the weight off.


  15. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    I am so glad that Dr. Atkins is getting vindicated after all these years. It isn't the fat that makes us fat; it's the carbs. A lot of people are afraid of the Atkins diet because of the induction period, which the Somers diet doesn't have. Most don't understand that the induction is temporary and that you can start adding foods as you go along.

    As far as I'm concerned, Atkins, Somers, and Syndrome X are basically the same. You not only lose weight, but your blood sugar, blood pressure, and lipids improve because you cut way down on carbs.

    The one concern I have with WW is that they allow things like orange juice which will spike insulin in the body. Eating fat by itself or with veggies will not make it turn into fat in the body. Eating fat with carbos will cause an insulin spike which will turn both the fat and the carbos into body fat instead of using it for energy, if one is already insulin resistant. According to Syndrome X, everyone who is overweight, and some who are not, are insulin resistant.

    Love, Mikie

  16. sybil

    sybil New Member

    far too much sugar.

    mikie...with weight watchers,it isn't a case of any food is allowed,or not allowed.you can eat what you like.so fruit juices are down to choice.
    they give you books which tell you how many points different foods have and it is up to the individual to make their own choices to fit into the points you have each day.
    they do give you sample menus that have fruit juice at breakfast,but you don't have to drink it! instead of fruit juice i would rather eat the fruit.

    i just work my diet around being vegetarian,i have just cut way back on carbohydrates and eat minimal fats and the only dairy produce i eat is skimmed milk,

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  17. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    I understand what your are saying that just because anything is allowed doesn't mean that you are eating everything. That said, though, WW does allow people to have things which spike the insulin and many people don't realize that.

    Low fat isn't good though, as we need good fats in our diets. Cellular production depends on having fat available. Omega 3 and Omega 6 are essential to our health.

    We've been fed a hugh lie in this country by the government and medical communities which have told us to eat less fat and more complex carbs. It's led to a nation of overweight and Diabetic people.

    Ideally, a diet is a lifestyle change one can live with for the rest of his or her life. The goal should not be just to lose weight but to improve our health. Sometimes losing weight by itself will do this but not always. Stopping the insulin resistance will.

    Love, Mikie
  18. sybil

    sybil New Member

    i actually eat fish,i had to resort to this a few years ago when i found out i wasn't getting some essential nutrients.

    i'm not a complete ignoramus,when i first decided to become vegetarian over 20 years ago,i did a lot of research into vitamins and diet,before i started,as i know all to many people who are vegi who have sub standard diets and have become ill because of it,when i have remained healthy,up until a year ago!

    the not combining protein and carb diet thing may work for a lot of people and good luck to them.but lots of nutritionists say it is nonsense.you will always find someone that will say a certain way of eating won't make any difference.

    as we know with FMS/CFS people react differently,aand a lot depends on existing problems,like diabetes,heart problems,allergies etc.so we have to go with what suits us.

    you do seem to be pushing the Atkins diet quite a bit as the only way to go,

  19. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    No one has called you an ignoramous and I have stated several times that we all have to decide what works for us. I am certainly not pushing the Atkins diet (I'm actually on the Suzanne Somers diet) but researchers are more and more vindicating Dr. Atkins for his high-protein/low-carb diets. More and more, researchers are finding that carbs are the culprit in obesity and disease.

    There is no need for anyone to be defensive when discussing our various options. I would not accuse you of pushing WW or being a vegetarian. You are simply giving info on your experience. I am doing the same. This is how we discuss things here and provide info. It is up to each of us to decide for ourselves what plan or treatment is best for us.

    As I said before, if WW works for you, I'm glad. I've know many people who have lost weight on it. On the other hand, I have a right to express my reservations about WW or anything else here, as do you. This should not be seen by you or anyone else as a personal attack.

    Love, Mikie