ive put my back out,,its madonnas fault haha

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  1. i have fibro/chronic fatigue syndrome.and i just want to tell you what happened to me lately.i laugh about it but its painful too.
    im middle aged and love todays pop music.i hear it enough with having a 15 yr old son and 22yr old daughter.
    anyway ive been a fan of madonna for many years.last week my daughter bought madonnas new album..confessions on the dance floor.
    so i borrowed her madonna album,and my goodness me,it sounds a bit 1970s disco..well i was suddenly on my feet dancing to these songs,and i so love the one called sorry..i sing it to my son often,after he,s been horrible to me with his hyperactivity dissorder.
    now if you should buy this album,dont get straight down to dancing like you used to do when you were young,because...i forgot my fibro,,,started dancing,totally enjoyed myself and now ive trapped a nerve in my spine eeekkk.
    im not angry with modonna bless her..but ive now got to learn not to over do the dancing,,pace myself to madonnas album haha..

    on one of my bad fibro flare ups,i was laying in bed listening to the album and all i could do was move my feet and my buttocks to her songs,but wow..i still managed to excersize..thanks madonna.

    fran xx
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    so its a good album???? LOL i love madonna, always have always will. i was a kid when she come out with, like a virgin. with fibro, you do have to "keep in mind" what you have and what you do will have consequences. i wanted to go to a meet and greet event, well i didn't...because i knew that 2 hrs driving there and 2 hours driving back would only make me stay in the bed sunday. keep your toes up!!! billie
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    Some new rock group?
  4. thanks so much for replying to my post..ooohh yes indeed,madonna looks fantastic, im the same age as her but im the more fuller shaped woman haha.
    for anyone who doesnt know who madonna is (i thought everyone knew madonna)she,s only like a pop icon,shes,shes like fabulous,,outspoken yes,,at times.but my goodness me 20 or more years in the pop charts wow..oh and i watched her van being pimped on pimp my ride uk..she wanted the outside of the van untouched..leave it alone rust n all.but inside the van was like 1970s/80s pimped disco stuff,lovely shade of purple,and she has a disco mirror ball installed,,crikey i remember those well haha..

    fran xx
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    I know who Madonna is.

    She's the artist who used to be known as "Lisa". Oh, wait, that was MONA Lisa. Not to be confused w/ her sister "Moanin' Low".

    Well, who can keep track of this hoard of celebrities? Today the newest star, tomorrow a has been, next day in a drug rehab program.

    I like stars that stick around for several decades like Kate (Hepburn and Smith); Bing Crosby; Roy Rogers; Stan and Ollie; Bert and Ernie; Mary Tyler Moore and Carol Burnett. Let's hear that Tarzan yell one more time.
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    and we all know she is not a virgin...lol

    she has made her mark for sure good for her...

    i'm more into rock and alternative stuff