I've started taking100 mg 5 HTP for sleep

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by sunflowergirl, May 14, 2012.

  1. sunflowergirl

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    I saw this on Dr. Oz about l0 days ago so went out immediately and bought a bottle. So far I am actually feeling a difference in the quality of sleep. I'm still waking up after about 4 hrs. but I'm able to go back to sleep after a bathroom break and it just feels like a deeper sleep. Anyone else try this?

    I've done a lot of research on the internet before buying it and it seems like there are a lot of recommendations. My personal opinion is FM is basically a sleep disorder. The less sleep I get the worse I feel, and when I'm feeling really sleep deprived that's when the dizzies come on.

    I've tried tylenol Pm....hangover. Ambien....big hangover. Melatonin...slight difference. I've also tried eating solme oatmeal before bed. Also tried some almond butter to tide me over to morning to help with hypoglycemia.
  2. mbofov

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    I've been taking it for several years before bed. I take 100 mg. too.

    5-htp helps the brain produce serotonin naturally, it has none of the side effects of prescription ADs which are supposed to do the same thing.

    It's good stuff! I think more doctors should recommend it instead of just handing out prescription drugs -

  3. FaithHopeCure

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    I take 5htp and prohealth's peaceful nights which has GABA in it. I have been getting much better sleep for the last 3 months. No side effects too. Ambian always made me feel depressed the next day. Two days ago I ordered 5htp and peaceful nights for my husband. I really want him to get out of the Ambian daze too!

    So glad it is helping you! I agree that the lack of deep sleep makes our muscles and joint pain so much worse. Most people don't realize that the prescription drugs don't put you in stage 3 or 4 sleep (deep sleep). You may sleep longer and not wake up but will not achieve deep healing sleep. I know my health has improved because of this. Sometimes, I do wake up once in the middle of the night but I do get back to sleep. This is a much more natural way to sleep! Without my supplements I would wake up every 2 hrs and never feel like I slept well at all.

    Thanks for sharing.....
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  4. sunflowergirl

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    I know a young couple who both had those brain scans that Dr. Daniel Amen talks about....you may have seen him on PBS. Anyway, they were both put on prescription for GABA to calm their brains down. It's been a miracle for both of them. I think I read that it's an overactive amygdala that causes so much anxiety. I refuse to go on any prescription drug so I'm going to check into that Peaceful Nights.

    I tried cymbalta for almost l8 mos. It did nothing for the bad fatigue though I remember the pain level went way down. Slowly weaned myself off it. I also tried Lyrica but 6 weeks, went off it too soon and the anxiety was AWFUL for about 3 weeks.

    I'm reading Suzanne Somers book called, Breakthru, in which she interviews a ton of well known doctors. They all mention that FM comes from all the chemicals we have in our bodies. And I'm thinking that cymbalta didn't help because it was an unrelieving drugged sleep.
  5. FaithHopeCure

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    I wish you well on the Peaceful Nights. The one thing that I will mention is that they are tablets not capsels. I do wake up feeling like the hard tablet has irirtated my stomach. Actually, this morining when I woke up I decided that I will try to cut the tablets up at night. I take the recommended 4 ea at night. I am hoping this will solve the stomache irritation. If not Trivita sells a peaceful sleep that has the GABA in it and is formulated in a capsel which is much easier on the stomach.

    Yes, I have watched Dr. Daniel Amen and read some of his books. Funny, how a lot of us have done some of the same research. I do believe that we fibro people have heightened nervous systems and brain activity. So I try to look for any natural supplements that will settle this down.

    Like Leah, I too take L-Theanine when I wake up too early and need a boost to go back to sleep. Although, I don't have to do that as often as I used to. Sometimes I will take the L-theanine in late afternoon when I tend to get anxious.

    My next big lifestyle change will be to stop eating processed foods. Since I have gained some energy back I think I am able to start planning and cooking fresh foods. Our fragil systems just can't take all the extra chemicals that they put in pre-made foods. Also, I gave up diet coke and only drink green tea for a little lift when I need it.[This Message was Edited on 05/15/2012]

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