I've wondered about enviornmental pollution & fibro

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    I have wondered if enviornmental pollution may cause fibro. My elementary school was between 2 factories. One produced felt ( benzene & mercury were used in production ) and the other was a steel ball factory ( again, benzene )I remember well playing in the stream at recess where pink foam poured from the factory...we thought it was pretty !

    Both factories are now closed and I just found out yesterday neither property can be renovated due to enviornmental pollution.

    3 of my 6 siblings have or have had cancer. My Dad who was the principal of the school has Parkinsons. By my own count nearly 30 people I went to school with died between ages 30 & 55. ( And that's only the ones know about ! )Many towns people have fibro/cancer/lukemia/lupus...serious stuff !

    Thing is, what do I do from here ? Do I look into it ? Call Erin Brockovitch ..lol ? Or just give it up...

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    I worked with chemicals & pesticides, in my younger days , about the time my panic/anxiety disorder kicked in, as well as my depression, but Im also one of the few that believe my, physical, mental, and sexual abuse played a part in my Fibro too!
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    from Rechem that burnt toxic waste from countries like Canada, the States and Australia - I'm in Scotland, UK.

    In the one cul-de-sac I lived in 10 people died in early 40s and 50s from cancer, 1 brain tumour but he luckily survived, 1 MS and 5 with CFS/Fibro.

    I know lots of people in our small town have died and are sick.

    I KNOW thats the cause but there is no proof. The farmer who's fields were adjacent had cows that turned YELLOW - he took Rechem to court and LOST!!!!

    Also 3 babies were born with strange eye defects who lived nearby.

    The plant was closed down in late 80s but all damage was done by then.

    I hope there is something you can do but I'm sure you'll find that there are cases like this spread right across our countries. I'm taking it you live in the States but you might be Irish???


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