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    Hi, I'm new to this site and newly diagnoised FM but have suffered from depression all my life. Also, I have all the symtoms of adult (and childhood)ADD. Have taken many antidepressants most with lots of side effect, enough that I usually said "I rather be depressed"
    My FM doctor put me on nuerontin and after a week, I said "I'd rather be sick". I actually felt worst, and I was only on 100mg. once a day.
    I've read about Ixel,how it has been used overseas for 8-10 years with great sucess for FM and depression
    Has any one used it? What can I expect? I know it is similar to cymbalta and I quit that after 3 days because of side effects, does any one know if I could expect the same reation to Ixel?
    Also, since my Dr. can't perscribe it, where would I find info on mixing anything else with it? I do take trazadone for sleep problems.
    I would appreciate any help.
    thanks, scarp50

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