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  1. SuzyQB

    SuzyQB New Member

    HI Jaci,
    I read your post on Primal Defense from last September.

    I wonder if you could tell me what your herxheimer was like ? Also, did you get rid of the mucoid plaque they talk about ?

    I am on Nature's Biotics for 2.5 weeks now and they do make me more tired and almost drunk (I am always somewhat spacey anyway, but I think these are making it worse).

  2. SuzyQB

    SuzyQB New Member

    Hi Sheri,
    I'm sorry, I just don't know. I'm new to Nature's Biotics and don't have much experience with them.

    Do you know which type of bacteria you have ?

    I do know of one woman who got rid of her candida and mucoid plaque after 3 months of Primal Defense.

    You could do a search on "Carl Tuttle". He was seriously sick with a bacterial infection and used Nature's Biotics for that.

    It does sound like your gut flora is off. I think fixing it is extremely difficult, as I'm finding out.

  3. tansy

    tansy New Member

    I've had lots of experience with die off especially candida. I get very spaced out too, sometimes I can have a strange sense of being mentally hypered too which with severe cfs is a bit strange. I'm allergic to candida so some of symptoms could be due to that too.

    If you are experiencing die off you have two choices
    1 stick at that number of capsules and see how you go.
    2 Drop your dose a little bit to achieve a more tolerable die off level, then up your dose as soon as it starts to settle.

    Good luck

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  4. SuzyQB

    SuzyQB New Member

    Hi Tansey,
    Do you think candida plays a big role in your CFS ? I think it does in mine, due to the antibiotics I was on as a child.

    I was wondering if you remember Jaster45 who took Nature's Biotics and posted here in January this year ?

    I would like to contact him b/c he also feels his CFS was due to candida.

  5. SuzyQB

    SuzyQB New Member

    HI Sherri,
    I hope you get this message b/c I can't seem to reply to your message b/c anohter message pops up when I hit the reply button in your message.

    I had the Great Smokies CDSL and parasite exam and no pathogens showed up. THEN, I had a rectal swab done and it was tested for candida and parasites. It found ++++ of candida and + of giardia and another protozoa. I guess these things stick to the mucousal lining and are hard to find. Another thing I rely on and many may not be comfortable with this is electrodermal tesitng. I rely on it now b/c I've been to 2 different practioners more than once each and the same things keep coming up - parasites/candida/mold. Never bacteria or viruses. YOu do have to find someone who is really good. The testing said I needed 10 N.B.'s a day to get rid of the candida and mold. I have worked up to 3 a day so far.

    Good luck with the N.B.'s.
  6. tansy

    tansy New Member

    Yes candida is contributing to my CFS etc but through past experience I know it's not the sole cause.

    Are you on the 80% juiced veg and distilled water?

    My past experiences with candida have taught me that die off is a necessary evil. I was initially treated many years ago by two great doctors who thought the die off should be kept at a minimum, ie when you hit it drop the dose a little then when it settles go up a little, then a little bit more, until the max dose is achieved using die off symtoms as your guide.

    First time I had die off symptoms I didn't realise it because I was so spaced out, my chiro picked it up.

    Good luck


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  7. SuzyQB

    SuzyQB New Member

    Hi Tansey,
    Where did you get the juicing info ? I read that you should not take chlorinated water b/c they will kill the N.B.'s. I've been using a Brita filter hoping it would get the chlorine out.

    Have you ever been so spacey you felt drunk ? That happened to me the first time I took 2 N.B.'s at once.

  8. tansy

    tansy New Member

    Yes I felt as though I were drunk and was a bit hypered too, the fatigue too - it was an odd combination. However, I was on nystatin then and was started on a very low dose of the powder, even so the die off kicked in earlier than I'd expected.

    It was Dale, dehaddress, who talked about the veg juices, but I've checked out some sites and it would seem it's not necessary.

    Die off is a good sign though cos it means the sbos are working. I use a brita jug too for all my water, bottled water is far too expensive.


  9. SuzyQB

    SuzyQB New Member

    There was someone named Jaster45 who posted in Janury.

    Does anyone know how I could contact him.

    He talked a lot about Nature's Biotics and had really good success with them.

  10. JaciBart

    JaciBart Member

    Yes, I did the pro biotics,, it did definitely do what it was supposed to, I had a lot of die off, I felt fluish. More achy than normal for fibro, headaches, I always get those when I detox, I just felt icky in general.

    I did pass a lot of mucoid plaque, I passed a lot of white stuff, candida I guess.

    I was rotating that with diflucan, I have a serious yeast problem under my big toenail on my left foot. I was feeling as if I had to stay on it forever in order for it to be successful, if I missed a dose I would backslide.

    In my opinion you have to eliminate the candida and keep it away. That is the hard part.

    I gave up on it after just about a month. My toe was starting to clear up but the minute I let my guard down it comes back.

    I guess I kind of gave up on the issue as you have to have 100% adherance to the protocol, especially diet to keep it under control. It is a really hard way to live, the candida diet is very restrictive (at least in my book it is).

    I guess I am not the best person to ask, looks like you got a bunch of answers here.

    Good luck and sorry I could not be more helpful.

  11. Raemon

    Raemon New Member

    Hi Suzy,

    I have been researching diagnosis of parasitic infestations and have just ordered a pack from Great Smokies to help with this. In short, I have been fatigued for 6 months, muscle aches, prickly skin etc etc!

    I understand that parasites are difficult to diagnose sometimes and would appreciate if you could point me in the right direction of how to get a rectal swab.
    I'm not sure whether you can order these over the internet or not.

    Best wishes