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    I've been considering trying Ambrotose by Mannatech. I've done research, looked at independent articles which say it is the next medical wonder, and the science behind it makes sense, in many ways. I also read back through old posts here that mention it, and that's why this post is addressed to the two of you. I also checked the site that debunks these things, and now I'm very confused. A distributor for the products (no one from this board!!! And I haven't told her about this haven, either!!!) has been emailing with me, sending me reams of articles extolling the products. I am VERY skeptical of MLM companies, and find them annoying at best. BUT... I'm still tempted to try the product, although I'm still vascillating. Money is money, it's a pricey product, I have two kids in college, etc, etc.

    I'm as desperate as the next one of us, believe me, although I'm healthier than many on this board, for which I am grateful. I've recently started using a high quality probiotic, which I think may be helping, too soon to tell yet, so I don't want to just jump into another product yet. Change too many variables and you don't know which one is doing what.

    Any thoughts on this? I do believe the body will and can heal itself to one degree or another given the chance and the proper internal environment. My goal is to get off of most or all pharmaceuticals eventually, and stay with nutritive therapies as much as possible.

    In the meantime, I don't know what to do. Any advise would be very welcome.

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    I empathize with the temptation to try anything that comes along that can promise relief. You did not mention if your dx is FMS or CFS, so I don't know exactly what to advise. The following is my opinion and you can take it or leave it as you desire!
    I will just say two things I feel strongly about, after my own experiences with the Manntech distributer here where I live, and watching what happened to the other patients who used my Naturopath and also took the Ambrotose. These are my conclusions:
    1. Ambrotose is a scam. Eat some good, fresh fruits instead.
    2. If you can only afford one supplement to help you, then I would go for a broad-spectrum digestive enzyme. The ProHealth store has one. You must also eat a very healthy diet, and then use the enzymes so you can absorb all the good nutrtition from that diet. Probiotics are great too, and keep them up if you can afford it. The people who really need them are the ones who insist on poisoning themselves with refined sugars. If you truly eat healthy, you won't need probiotics, unless you already have yeast overgrowth and your dx is CFS, since it seems to me they are more prone to yeast problems.
    I also think Magnesium is a required supplement if your dx is FMS.
    Digestive enzymes, Magnesium, and Probiotics all added together are cheaper than the Ambrotose, since you are not paying for a pyramid scheme.
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    Thank you. My diagnosis is FMS, with osteoarthritis and degenerative disk disease as an appetizer. I do eat lots of fresh fruits and vegies, organically grown when possible, or canned or frozen if I can't find what I want fresh. I've read that frozen is often healthier because the produce doesn't sit on the shelf in the warehouse as long.

    Anyway, what responses to the Ambrotose did you see in your natureopath's patients who were taking it? The doc must've believed in it, or else he was in it for the MLM profits?

    The cost of the stuff is daunting, even at "10% below wholesale". I need to get rid of the achy fluey feeling that is such a destructive part of my life these days, and that is the draw of the Ambrotose. I DON'T like the feeling that I'm getting sucked into something, which is the sense I get from any MLM company. I dunno. I think that if I am so unsure I should just postpone a decision on this for a month or so. It's hard to get past the feeling that this could be the magic potion, and what if I walk away from it, then what?? I guess that is what keeps slot machine gamblers pulling that handle just one more time.

    Breathe, back off, take a reality check, and re-find my common sense is what I need to do here.

    Beth. PS, I'll look into the digestive enzymes, too. I get magnesium and malic acid in the Fibro-Response multi-vit that I take.
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    The Mannatech distributor here was a Pharmacist who only had part-time work and was supplementing it by selling Mannitech right out of the pharmacy during working hours. My Naturopath was bowled over by his sales presentation, and sent her toughest FMS patients to him. He then reported back to her that they were all improving fantastically. She never checked to find out if any of this was true.
    Because I ran a support group, which he saw as lots of possible sales, he gave me all the different jars of stuff free for one and one-half months, telling me I would definitely have results by then. I took the stuff exactly as he told me to and got no result at all, except that my yeast got worse from the intense sugars, if I remember correctly....it was many long years ago. When I told him that I had no results and wasn't going to buy any more or recommend it to my group, he turned into a "Mr. Hyde" and started yelling at me. The way he talked was so grandiose that it made me think he had a drug problem (probably cocaine). I am a Psychiatric Social Worker and can usually recognize these things. He behaved like an absolute maniac and was totally unprofessional. He was acting so crazy that I called our State Dept. of Professional Regulation to get him investigated. I also called my Naturopath and told her about it, and she decided to call the patients she had sent to him and see if they'd improved. Shortly afterwards, she stopped sending anyone to him to get Ambrotose.
    This stuff has been around for years, and it is not on the front page of the paper, is it? I don't know a single person who has been cured by it, and I would have heard.
    Salespeople can be very persuasive, esp. if they are sociopaths. Many lay-people think all sociopaths are like Ted Bundy or Jeffrey Dahmer, but most of them appear normal, and as long as they get what they want in life, you will never even see that they have no conscience.
    Nice normal folks also think that sociopathy is rare, but the rate of sociopathy is one in every ten people...that's right, one in ten! For some unknown reason, it is one in five on the pacific coast. That means there are a whole lot of people out there who will look you right in the eye and lie like a rug to make a buck. It is the really good people who get taken the most, since they find it impossible to believe someone could do that to them, since they'd never do it to anyone. End of lecture!
    Take care,