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    TO JACKIELACIE 07/29/03 06:25 PM

    JACKIE -- I'm sure your thoughts will come back to you... I look forward to hearing your ideas! The same thing happened to me today. I wrote you one reply and hit send, and walla... it disappeared? Lost in cyberspace! So I had to re-write the one I sent earlier today. As if fibro isn't bad enough, we have to contend with computer hic-ups! Aaahhh, what fun is the frustration of computers!!

    CarolK..... PS... Hey, I'm in California, what state are you in? I'm in the SF Bay area. Near perfect place to live... but ohhhh the cost of living is outta site!
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    For these personal messages. We try to keep this area for illness-related posts.

    Click on Message Boards above and then click on Chit Chat. Thank you.

    Love, Mikie
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    sometimes you know you can catch that person on here and most of the time it is fm related questions. We are to tired to jump back and forth. mama