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    Ok. That is what i was afraid of.
    When I call do I ask for Real Fast appointment,or is just when available ok?
    I do know better than to do what I did ,it was a foggy day. When I saw the black specs I started to trip and that is when digging occured,then Very ILL FEELING overcame me,sense kicked in and stopped.
    With the little ones all over my palms,will pod treat also?
    Is it oral/cream/both? Very Costly?
    Breathing was getting difficult,but has now subsided,just hot itchy all over,burning. Is that normal for those silly people that pick the warts?

    Thanks Again ,lisa
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    bump for me OUCH
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    Sorry I'm late - computer giving me fits today.

    I'd say you need to see the podiatrist ASAP. The fact that you got sick (happens when you invade your body, sometimes) and that the spot is hot. That was really fast for it to spread to your hands. I don't think you should wait.

    It's been nearly 30 years since I worked as a podiatric assistant so treatment for plantar warts (all warts) has changed since. My boss would cut them out if they were really bad. You can probably expect more of them, even if you hadn't tampered with it. They are pretty hard to eradicate.

    Good luck.


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    I do belong to MedPlus, I have Evolution Rate Plan.
    There are not ANY Pods or Derms on plan ANYWHERE near me.

    Can you get these things Inside Body,sinus,lungs ect?

    The Icky that is w/cough very much looks like the foot stuff from yesterday. Thick W/black specs.

    Until I find DR ,or go to ER(I DESPISE THIS THOUGHT),what would be best to clean it? How do I prevent spreading?

    WHY? WHY? WHY?

    Frusration is gonna hit SOON!!

    Thank You SOOO MUCH!!!

    Take care,Lisa
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    Hello. I just had surgery for plantar warts on my right foot. I had pain all the way up to my knee. They were growing up around my nerves in my foot so the podiatrist did laser surgery on them.I started getting another one on my left foot and remembered I seen a newsarticle on one of the best treatments was using duct tape on them.So last Saturday I got some of that gray tape and put a little on the bottom of my foot and believe it it worked the wart out of the bottom of my feet. I have them on my hands also so I am going to try it on my hands.The laser surgery did real good on taking them away also.

    Good Luck,