jaimy....i have followed your posts....

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    and i understand that you have been able to get some respite from symptoms.I know you have worked really hard getting info but could I ask you what you came up with that works for you .....I have appreciated your style,humour,and tenacity.I know the red hair has something to do with it!I so appreciate your time....Kathleen
  2. seaview

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    and i understand that you have been able to get some respite from symptoms.I know you have worked really hard getting info but could I ask you what you came up with that works for you .....I have appreciated your style,humour,and tenacity.I know the red hair has something to do with it!I so appreciate your time....Kathleen
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    you're taking a great step by asking advice from someone like Jaimy who's been there. Ditto what Dancersmom said about her.

    And Jaimy, I'm cheap since I copied...$25 special for you!

    I admire you Kathleen for seeking out what you know may not be an easy way, and not letting these DDs get control of you. Best wishes, Michele
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    Thanks for the agreement that Jaimy is awesome.I actually couldnt remember her name(LOL) and I had to search around on the other boards untill I found her....you can run but you cant hide! I do look very forward to picking her sweet brain and trying to find some things that will work for me. I just have to get better....I have a brood that depends on me and I want to be functionable for my grandkids(ok so that is a long ways away but I have a goal)someday! I just feel like what I am doing isnt getting me anywhere and I need new directions.....again,thanks for such great support of Jaimy..I know she will really appreciate all you have shared with me.....gentle but loving hugs to you both,Kathleen
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    Jaimy is inspirational.

    But, watch out for all those

    unknown Sentences like: LMAO. PIMP. ROTFLAMO.

    Being a home schooling mom, I know you'll have fun while

    learning. You have the ability to get better!!!

    Jaimy, I don't charge. But, I take donations!!! Any info from you is greatly appreciated by all.

    LOL, Selma

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    Gee, I didn't know I could make money off you just for saying nice things! Hmmmm...now I'll have to think of some! LOL.

    Just had to get a jab in before all this goes to your head!

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    I applaud Jaime also. I cannot wait to buy that ZMA stuff. I'll actually be able to order some tomorrow. Cannot wait! dolsgirl
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    Hi jaimy!just thought I'd bust on a bit before I get to the wanting.LOL
    I'd be very grateful for any new info or first hand knowledge on leaky gut.I do the L-glutamine(pill form)and some cheap drug store probiotics.Any good supplement suggestions and or diet do's and do'nts?(wow-I really better end this quick b/c my spelling is not looking too good to me!!!LOL Major fog!!)its just not flowing....I'm tired too so it makes my brain function even less.(pretty scary thought since i'm not bright to begin with.)Thanks for your help.
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    Gotta keep this up on top a little longer~
    bear with me........
  10. tandy

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    I HEAR ya on that "men"thing!They are like infants sometimes!lol.........take your time,I'll look tomorrow.
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    I hope you had a great weekend with your boyfriend! I appreciated your quick response to me.Ok, tell me about your diet and how it helped lesson your fatigue. I am struggling with incredible pain but it is the fatigue that actually is getting to me. I have been in pain for over 20 years now and unfortunately just think of it as normal because I cant/dont know what it would feel like to not hurt.Wait, when I had a cesarian I couldnt feel anything from the breast down....a few brief moments away from the pain LOL. I know, that is really sick now isnt it! But hey, at least I wasnt lying! Anyhow, time to pick Jaimys sweet brain! And hey, I can even keep up with your rambling of info....so type away my friend!Look forward to your post..blessings,Kathleen
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    hi Jaimy it is I Blast, (alter ego sherri)or is it the other way around, lol, and am wondering if you can purchase ZMA anywhere besides this web site?
    I would really like to try it as the elavil I have never liked much and I hate the side effects!
    How the heck are you?
    I just got out of the hospital last night, my hysterectomy went very well and I am recouperating much better than I thought I would!! The pain is well controlled and my mom is here to help with the kids. Hubby is in the hospital, as usual. Get this: he was two rooms down from me when I was in!!! Can you believe that :)
    Sorry to go off the subject all, will e-mail you later hon.
    Any info from you get from Jaimy is right on the money.
    Great to be back all!!!!!!!!!!
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    I peeked a little at the sites you've provided me and found myself interested.Looks like i've got my hands full for awhile!(Thank-you!!!)I plan on looking at our local library in the morning(right after I drop my kids off for school)I'm hoping to find that book you mentioned.
    I'll holler(sp?)if I get stuck. Glutathione huh???what the hell is it??!!LOL
    Hope you had a great weekend!!
    talk soon-
    best regards,
  14. tandy

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    Thanks Susan for your input!I'll get a better probiotic.I may try the one here????also the suggestion of elimination using citracel sounds logical.I have that on hand always for my IBS.
    To you Jaimy,I did get that book EI and 3 others on food sensativitys and Allergies,etc...One all on Candida.I felt like a school girl coming out of the Library with arms full!!LOL..... heres hoping I can absorb half the infomation I read!Thanks,
    warm regards,
  15. Mikie

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    Thanks for posting what is helping you. I'm sure that plus your research will be of tremendous help to our members.

    Since we cannot post URL's unless it's one of ProHealth's, I've had to remove a couple. One has enough of a name that people will be able to find it on their own, but you will probably have to give enough info on the glutathion site so people can find it with Yahoo or Google.

    Love, Mikie
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    I read that you cut out dairy from your diet. So what do you eat for breakfast? What type of protein do you eat? What about carbs? Do you eat brown rice? I'm STRUGGLING every day with diet. PLEASE HELP!!!!

    P.S. - You are a true inspiration to us all!!!!!

    Annette2 THANKS!!!!!
  17. Mikie

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    Just lost another pound; that's 24 lost now on the Somers diet which does sound very similar to what you are doing. I haven't felt this well in years since giving up the carbs. You're right, it just becomes normal after a while. My neighbor is baking all kinds of goodies and offering them to me, but I'm not even tempted.

    Love, Mikie
  18. Annette2

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    I appreciate your answer regarding protein. When I go to work in the morning I usually eat a little bit of cottage cheese for breakfast (protein) and some oatmeal if I can. Since I've been home I usually have the cottage cheese and a piece of whole-wheat toast, or an egg and the toast. I don't have time in the morning to cook eggs before I go to work. Would a hard-boiled egg work? Is that okay? Thanks.

    Also, after supper, do you eat anything? That's when I get the hungriest. Any suggestions? Thanks.

  19. Annette2

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    Rye bread is my favorite! Growing up in New York, we had the best bakeries. My mother would give me money to buy a rye bread.....I had to force myself not to eat half of the loaf before I got home. You have to be careful with rye bread though - the ones in packages usually have wheat flour in them too. It's better to get it from a real bakery.