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    chec out sad sad day on 4/7...I dont know how to bump it and i put a message there for you...peggy
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    I think when I do get another dog it will be a doberman this time.

    I had one when I lived with my parents along time ago. She was one of the best dogs anyone could have. Trained to the max and never did anything that I needed to punish her for.

    I had to give her away because my younger bother's wife had a baby and mom and sisinlaw where worried that she would harm the baby.

    She was raised with a baby and would never do anything to a child except protect them from harm.

    She was so protective and obediant, I hated giving her away. She was my best friend, went everywhere with me and never hurt anyone without being commanded to do so.

    I used to leave her my car when I had to run into the store, of coarse the windows were rolled down and leave the keys in the car. I'd come and she still be there watching my car and protecting it from invaders.

    I still have the car 1977 Z28 Camaro. Maybe it needs another protector.

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    that car needs a protector.. dobbies are good dogs.. I had pit bull dog and they were wonderful. never hurt anyone..they were really good peg