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    I swear I'm ready to cry again. I can feel the tears welling up in my eyes!

    My sister in law just called to tell me my niece has another bout of lice. I was with them on Sunday, the same night my gallbladder sent me to the ER.

    I DID NOT sit on any furniture with fabric, but rather just a wooden chair. I hugged my niece and my nephew. This time my MOTHER has really been exposed. She's going on 70 years old.

    Da**it! I KNOW I have had a hard time getting rid of these stupid bugs my niece gave me. And I just saw a nit on my head! My husband checked my head last night and he saw ZERO.

    I am so tired right now. The thought of mayonaise on my hair was enough to contend with, but having to wash, for the THIRD time, all my sheets, blankets, vaccuum floors and furniture. Well, I am just about to have a nervous breakdown. I can't afford to dry clean ALL my clothes. I just can't. I did dry super hot in my dryer all my silk blouses in the closet, and I haven't worn any of my sweaters in the drawers - out of fear.

    Why is this so hard to deal with?! Why can't I get rid of them, especially after having used THREE shampooing episodes and CAREFUL checking? My husband has been looking at my head q24-48 hrs. I'm sick of it.

    What if the mayonaise doesn't work? My daughter likes to have her uncle take her to work, but I don't care to have her exposed anymore. Nothing has ever turned up on her head, but she's been in their minivan several times, and it has fabric seats.

    I feel so angry, so dejected. I don't ever want to see my brother or his family again because of it. That sounds outrageous, and totally irrational, I realize, but I'm fed up. And I DON'T for a minute believe my SIL when she says my niece was re-infected. HA! They probably did a crappy job treating her to begin with. Fibro is enough, pancreatitis is exhausting, but this is just STUPID!

    I'm lucky I have no patients to see today, which is why I'm typing right now. My mental health seems to be hanging by a thread.I almost feel like I need to torch my house, and buzz cut my hair.

    Sorry, having a complete pity party right now. I'm leaving soon to buy the mayonaise.


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    Your niece may have been re-infected at her school. Sometimes when children share personal items, lice can be shared. Also, I worked with a high school sometime back that was having problems with lice and found that the swim team had "common" swim caps that everyone was sharing. Shared swim caps, baseball caps, or other types of head protection are a good way to have a lice outbreak at a school. It's so embarrassing for children who have head lice; I'd go easy on the niece.

    I wouldn't worry about trying to send all your clothes to dry cleaning, etc. If you haven't worn them while infected, then they are probably ok.

    I know that it gets exhausting to get rid of head lice, and I totally understand how difficult it must be to deal with the lice along with all the problems with the DD's, etc.

    The treatment doesn't kill the egg or nit. If all of the nits aren't out of the hair, they will hatch. That's why most chemical treatments take two times to be effective. After the first treatment, a second one must be done about 10 days later. Here's what happens:

    "Each female produces about three to five eggs in a 24-hour period and lives for about 7 to 10 days. Most of the eggs hatch within 7 to 11 days. To survive, a newly hatched louse must have a blood meal within minutes of birth. Developing lice, or nymphs, take about 7 to 10 days to mature; after an additional day, adult females start laying eggs. Consequently, the total life span of a head louse from egg through adult averages about 25 days. Because people have a constant body temperature, female lice reproduce continuously throughout the year."

    To kill the lice, you have to use chemicals, suffocate the lice, or starve them.

    I've had people place clothing on clotheslines or something that will hold the clothes in direct sun for a week. I've also had people put sofas, pillows, etc. outside away from where animals can crawl on them, etc. This serves to starve lice. No warm blood, no food.

    The other method is to put in airtight plastic for a period of time - usually a week. This will also starve or will suffocate any lice and possible eggs that hatch into nymphs.

    Putting lard, mayonnaise, etc on the head and wrapping it up will serve to suffocate lice. Also, soaps with olive oil or coconut oil will help kill lice if you don't want the grease. Most lice are killed by soap, not the nit. Four shampoos each about three days apart should be effective along with combing of the hair during the shampoo and after the hair is dry to remove any dead lice or nits. Use of a hair dryer may help. After the hair is dry, turn the head upside down and comb the hair from the back of the neck through the front of the scalp with the hairdryer on hot high.

    Please let me know how things go. I'm so sorry that you have to go through all of this.

    Warm wishes, Jeannette
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    I hope you are still there. I've done the mayo, but first washed and conditioned my hair. I bought these Nit combs that are steel - 2 to a pack - they have two different types of metal sticks in them. One is short and tight for the eggs and lice. My husband, after I washed my hair, ran the tight small comb from my scalp to the ends. After that, he used the longer comb, which pulls all the nits and some of my hair. Not much was there. I even used my microscope, and can't tell if it's a dead nit (it was brown) or scalp blood. Gross.

    I DID wear some of the clothes in my closet. Last week I dried them on hot for hours. I put them back in my closet. Over the past few days, the stuff I'd have to expensively dry clean, I placed outside on my patio overhang. If I just leave them there, and the stuff in the closet, am I risking anything if something falls onto my pants below? I don't have to put my pants near my head.

    I've washed all my sheets,blankets, and pillow covers on hot. Same with my towels possibly exposed during this time. My husband sprayed our headboard, and he's doing the sofas. I've vaccuumed. I even threw out my other bathroom rugs and replaced them last week. I just sprayed them, because it's hard to vaccuum them without them sucking up into the vaccuum. I'm really tired.

    And of course, to top off this great morning, my daughter had a teenager tantrum, and has run away. Why, because my husband (her stepdad) wouldn't allow her to play a CD while she's learning to drive. She called him an a******, and I got fed up. I told her to knock it off, and told her to clean up the dirty dishes I saw under her bed, or I was going to remove her tv from her room. I told her she had until I was done with my mayonaise hair. When I got out of the shower to check on her progress, she was gone. Argh!

    On the bright side, my daughter didn't appear to have any lice when my husband did her hair.

    My stomach is on fire again. I need a break, or a lobotomy.
    Ahhh, as I finish typing this, my daughter just walked in from the backyard. Maybe we'll all go see "Shopping" anyhow. I need a laugh.


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