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    thanks for your response, that is a area i have shrugged off and i need to check into. i didnt mention that my dad owns his own business here in trenton mo and when i became ill he helped me a lot with money until my ssi came thru (3 and 1/2 yrs) so as i have gotten better i have been working during the day 10am until 5pm 6 days a week to help pay him back. i had a chance to work in the emergency room at night time but turned it down.very hard decision but my dad has put me first when i became sick so now that he needs help i feel i owe him. so i moed back from kansas city to this small town which limited my night time job opportunities to nothing as well. plus no PA schools near here (i could be done in 2 years) . but my dad is worth the school on hold for now.
    i guess i had given up on trying to get better i do just enough to get by.i also have a pituitary macroadenoma which they think causes mass affect from time to time.
    byr the way j did my pictures come up in my profile ? have been having problems with my computer. thanks for the info
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    No, your picture didn't come up, try putting it on again. Sorry that I didn't get back to you more quickly. Today, being a nice weekend, I slept in 'til 1:00 P.M.! Didn't mean to as I wanted to go to church, but I let my body decide on weekends. I think our body waking itself up is sooooo much better than the clock!

    I agree, our families are more important that anything else, and helping your father through his problems is tantamount. Maybe, one of these days, when things get better you'll have a chance to get your PA.

    ACTH - the adrenocorticotropic hormone, acts on the cells of the adrenal cortex, stimulating them to produce glucocorticoids, like cortisol. Could this be something to consider regarding your physical problems? Do you have hyperglycemia / diabetes? Interesting. That pituitary macroadenoma could cause a lot of significant problems. Glad you are being followed for the problems.

    Take care and stay in touch on the Board.

    Warm wishes, Jeannette

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