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    Hi! I just saw you picture of Bear & I had to touch base with you! I also had a dog that was black, 1/2 Lab & 1/2 Chow. Her name was Sara. It was the best dog I have ever had. Two years ago we had to put her to sleep because she had arthritis so bad, & had lost her bowel & bladder control. It still makes me sad.

    I was a single mother at one time and she was our guardian angel! Pets are so special! Tam
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    I'm soooo sorry about not being on here sooner to answer your post! I've been mostly on the Lupus Board, but decided to check out the FMS Board tonight.

    I'm so sorry to hear that you had to put Sara down two years ago. Bear is also the best dog we've ever had. The most loyal and affectionate as well as smartest dog for sure! Bear also has arthritis really bad in his front legs. It's hard for him to hop up and down out of my truck, and when we go to help him, he doesn't want the help! Almost like a "people" who, "want to do it on my own!" He's almost 12 ... was my son's dog who we inherited when my son moved into a too small apt. I know that's a familiar story. Now, can't imagine life without our Bear. It's just sooo sad when they get so frail that a choice has to be made, isn't it?

    (By the way, Bear's picture was replaced by one with me and my granddaughter.)

    Take care!
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    I decided tonight to look up my name, and here you were! Thanks for getting back to me! lol! I will let you know when I post a picture of sara on my profile! What a beautiful grandbaby that you have, she looks like her grandma! Love, Tam
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    Thank you for the complement! I just noticed that your name is "Tam." My daughter's name is Tamara, and we use to call her Tam. Please post your Sara when you have a chance. Bet Bear looks a lot like her!

    L, Jeannette