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    I want to thank you personally for taking the time to read my first post to get an idea of what has been happening to me. You are a VERY SWEET PERSON.

    I have an appointment with the hematologist tomorrow @ 1:30 central time. Pretty quick in getting me in, this usually does not happen so fast.

    I seems like you have so many answers that make me feel a little better. I wanted to know a little more, if you can help!

    Since you know my history, I really want to focus on what has happened since October, although I may bring up a few things from the past.

    Late October, 2005. I crashed again. This time was somewhat different, I went not only feeling extremely fatigued, I also had a few panic attacks which has not happened in a few years because of meds.

    But more importantly, this time I had extreme weakness, like I had the flu (no fever), I could not do things at work, around the home. The only thing that help me is Advil. It has been keeping me going ever since October. Several times I have help like I am going to pass out, but have not.

    I try not to take the Advil too much, but have to if I want to function somewhat normally. I also have this pain in rib very lowest ribs. Around the right mostly, but sometimes in the left too. Back pain all the way across at times. I burp and hiccup occassionally. My asthma starting acting up also, at least they think it is my asthma, I as coughing up stuff, but nothing of unusual color, almost like I had a bug. Put me on a daily inhaler. I have lost 11 lbs with this bout.

    When I went to my regular MD in October, he upped my antidepressants, thinking it was all in my head. Did bloodwork and found a light white cell count, high platelet count (in between 600,000 and 700,000). Also did urine and found trace protein, blood and bilirubin in my urine. Gave me levaquin and did my round, but he never did tell me what was wrong with me. Went back about 5 days after antibiotics were all taken and everything went down to normal (even the platelets). WBC was still a little high 10,500.

    Went back a week later because I started having pain in my ribs and the pain I mentioned above. I talked him into a CT scan of lungs, abdomen and pelivs. All came back ok except for the cyst on my ovary. I should also mention that I have vaginal bleeding off and on when I should be there. I bleed from January 8th until a few days ago.

    Then I went to the ER because feeling like I was passing out phase, ran blookwork and urine that is all. WBC was again 10,500 and trace protein and blood in urine again. Said it was just viral and sent me home.

    Went back to MD because I started having fever and sore throat. Checked for strep and it was positive gave me antibiotics. Did my round and it ended a few days before I went to the gyno. The MD said there was nothing more he could do for me and left me in the cold.

    Went to gyno and I am going to have endometrial ablation on the 17 of this month for the bleeding. I also mentioned all of the other problems I was having. He was very helpful and said we would get this all figured out. Their staff has been very good to me. Did bloodwork with CBC and ANA.

    Bloodwood came back again high just after a few days of of the antibiotics, in between 19,000 and 20,000. ANA was normal, I had an ANA in Late 2004 which showed elevated, unusual.

    Nurse and Doctor had a meeting and decided to send me to the hematologist. I have noticed a gland in my neck is swollen, it does not hurt and about the size of a nickel, not the normal glands they feel but lower and this gland moves around, I can touch it and move it. Also my glands are swollen along my pelvic area, which I point out to OBGYN. My armpits are sore sometimes. They are not sore either.

    To date, I am still dealing with all of the problems mentioned above, oh, also I am having alot of heart palps.

    Why all these infections????

    I am so sorry this is SO LONG. You just seem so caring and helpful. I wish I could be this helpful to someone, a few times I have been a little in responding to questions, I hope.

    You have been a Godsend, I fell your presence and caring, almost like you were sent to me. You are also very atriculate (sp) with your words, comforting.

    Is there anything you can add.

    Love and prayers,
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    I just posted this morning and it is already on the fourth page. WOW, this board moves fast!!
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    Bumping again, hoping that Jalitar sees this message!!

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