jam 338 how are you doing

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    Hi Jam 338,
    I remember you said you would try the protocol that has worked for Vanna and me. How is it going for you?

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    Hi Jam338,
    Sounds like you are truly suffering. I hope you feel better soon.

    Of all the supplements, b1 is the most important. The other most important element is not eating (or drinking any thing with calories) after dinner.

    We get energy from food through a complex process that has its last steps in every cell in the body. In each cell blood sugar is turned into pyruvic acid which is turned into energy. People with FM have too much pyruvic acid because it is not turned into energy with a normal level of efficiency.
    Vitamin B1 helps in the process of turning pyruvic acid into energy. Taurine and magnesium help with this process.

    Let me know how you are feeling after you take b1 for a few weeks.


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    Usually it is possible to open capsules and pour out some of the contents. Some people take up to 500 mg of B1. Try taking it only once a day in the morning until you can find a form that has 100 mg so you can spread it through the day and still end up with about 300 mg.

    I usually buy my b1 in tablet form and I get it at the grocery store. It may be the cheapest vitamin you can buy.

    At this point I take it in the morning and I take 300 mg. When I began the protocol I was careful to spread the b1 and the multis over the day to provide continuous support for the Krebs Cycle.