Jam and Fibrobutterfly--natural help for pain.

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    Of course, anyone else w/ interest or comments, welcome too.

    I recently started taking a supplement called Pain-Rx. It's from Hi-Tech Pharaceuticals and you can get it at the health food store that I know of.

    It's a natural COX-2 Inhibitor (says on the bottle, not FDA approved of course) and "quick acting".

    I've been taking it only a week but wow what a difference in my stiffness and aches. I am one who usually takes Mobic, which works fine for me but a friend sent me this (he has MS and FM) to try and I'm surprised. It's got some common herbs like white willow and turmeric. Normally those bother my tummy but this infusion doesn't. It's also got a blend of herbs based on Mayan (Indian) culture.

    I mentioned you two because I know you were asking...I hope to be able to keep taking it. I can't believe the relief in my hips and knees! I'm one who's pretty sensitive anymore to supplements so I'm pleased that it helps and wanted to pass it on.

    You can google it if interested. It works within a half an hour or so and wears off after awhile, so in that sense it reminds me that it's working! Let me know if you try it.

    I wonder if anyone else has heard or tried it? It's got Tomentosa Extract, Chicocca Alba Extract, Mimosa Pudica, Phellodendron Amurense Extraxt, Lactuca...and so on...Mayan Indian it says.

    I'm impressed!


  2. PainPainGoAway

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    I know-- I've been on mobic for years and it would be nice if this works out instead. It actually works better than mobic because I can't take mobie daily.

  3. PainPainGoAway

    PainPainGoAway New Member

    I almost DIDN'T try because of the turmeric but I am sooo glad I did. It's way down on the list, and many of the others are unfamiliar to me. I did get a bit of an ache the first day but now know it was an emotional reaction to some bad news/emotional past baggage...taken it every day for a week now and nothing...even on an empty stomach now.
    It also has valerian which doesn't always agree with me but this is different...so I think whatever combination, it's perfect for me.

    My friend who sent it had severe MS and it's helped w/ eye pain and he has FM too, but he's been on it for about a year...and he buys five bottles at a time, lol!!

  4. PainPainGoAway

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    He's in almost as bad shape...only 45, used to be a Marine, fitness and HEALTH nut, and wham...got sick about 15 years ago...can no longer leave his house w/o assistance, blind, just awful...he's more at peace with his body now but resented the betrayel, as he led such a healthy life. Deep depression as a result of the lesions but still fighting...when he can!

    He lives in IN and I haven't seen him in about three or four years so we'd be shocked to see each other...so glad he thought to send these to me.

    Does your sister have a lot of pain too? If so, it could help...
  5. thanks I will ck it out!
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    Hi Broadcasting-- I don't know if it would cause heart palpatations--it's herbal, not the same as the drugs but I understand your concern!

    Fibrobutterfly--hope you can find some info on in it...I really am pleased with this for my pain. It also helps the nagging soreness/burning pain I get in my legs lately.

  7. How did u hear about this?
  8. charlenef

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    have you seen the first trial for ms patients? There were people that had really bad ms and they got chemo and stem cell transplant. They all had great results they still show they have ms in the brain but no symptoms and everything is reversed. They are stating a new study with more people for people with the worst cases of the disease.
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    A friend who has MS and FM sent me a bottle because it has helped him so much. He's been taking it for a year now. I responded to your original thread last week or so when I first got it-- I believe there is more information and a phone number on that thread (you were asking about natural pain relief).

    He got it at a health food store. It has not bothered my stomach and is helping with a lot of my pain, especially my hips, knees and lower legs...lower back is still trouble but the relief in other areas is wonderful.

    Take Care,
  10. charlenef

    charlenef New Member

    My ForumAdd to: iGoogleMy Yahoo!RSSStem Cell Therapy Reverses Multiple Sclerosis Damage
    Friday January 30, 2009
    In a small (very small) trial, stem cell therapy was found not only to stop the progression of multiple sclerosis, but also to reverse damage. This is the first time research has shown that multiple sclerosis can be reversed, not merely slowed. I am cautiously really, really excited about this.

    Here are the basics: In the first step of the therapy, physicians take some of the bone marrow stem cells from your body and keep them alive. Then they use chemotherapy to, essentially, wipe out your immune system. After that, they put the bone marrow stem cells back into your body. The new immune system cells produced (by the stem cells) are "naive" and do not see the myelin as an invader, or something to be attacked. Therefore, they no longer attack the myelin and the body (apparently) can then get to work healing any early-stage multiple sclerosis damage.

    This study was done in 23 patients, all with early stage relapsing-remitting (RRMS) multiple sclerosis (they have tried this before in people with later stage disease and it was not successful). After one procedure, these folks were followed for three years. 17 of them improved by at least one point on the disability scale and none of them got any worse (in terms of disability). There is a larger trial now underway to learn more about the risks and benefits of this treatment (especially the risks and at what stage of multiple sclerosis is the treatment most beneficial).

    For clarification, this uses a procedure called autologous non-myeloablative haemopoietic stem cell transplantation. What that means is that it uses a person's own (adult) stem cells and that the chemotherapy doesn't fully destroy the bone marrow.

    As the first approach that is really a treatment, meaning it is healing, and not just slowing progression, this is very exciting. Just to reiterate an earlier point, it is unclear how many people with multiple sclerosis will eventually benefit from this, as it seems to be best in early stage, relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis. I don't know exactly what "early stage RRMS" means in this context. Does this include people who have lived with RRMS for a long time without too much disability or people who have RRMS that were diagnosed recently, but have had several harsh relapses since diagnosis? Let's all keep an eye on this one...
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    That's great! I know what you mean...I had the bottle more than a week before I got brave enough to try one! The list of indgredients shows turmeric way down there, not one of the first ingredients. I've taken it with food mostly but also without food, no issues. Two help better than one...I've been really happy with the results. No cure, but relief...

    And I noticed the relief within a half an hour in my knees and hips...and then I noticed it take the edge off in other areas. Then I noticed about 6 hours ( or maybe 7) later the pain came back... so it's fast acting and mainly like an alternative to a synthetic pain relief. I haven't taken it yet today because I have to run errands later and want it in my system then...but pain level today is minimum...wish it worked for fatigue!!!

    Let me know when you try it! Rainbow is interested too...

    I just noticed too my foot pain is gone today...normally no matter what I take, the last pain to leave is foot pain,especially my left foot. Nothing hurts right now except my back a bit, but like I said, haven't taken it yet.[This Message was Edited on 03/02/2009]
  12. PainPainGoAway

    PainPainGoAway New Member

    I am! I ran out last week and my friend gave me some of hers...no tummy issues at all and I can't tell you how much it's made a difference for my hips and knees. I was taking as much as six a day (two at a time). I hope the samples come to you. I did need something stronger the other night, and ohhh, what a feeling in the head that was (but it helped the extra painload). I take what I need when I need it but it's nice to find somethng natural that works and doesn't tear at my tummy or bladder.

    I always responded well to Ultracet and took it and/or tramadol for about 9 years..no kidding, with intervals here and there. I stopped it last summer because it was making me more fatigued and spacey...something I had little issue with before. I don't know if it was a change in the formula or in me, but I liked it while it worked. I never had withdrawl issues but some do. It's not strong compared to a narcotic but potent in my opinion.

    I never even filled my mobic last month...it works as well as mobic in my opinion. I still have stronger meds, but don't take them daily.

    I hope you get the samples soon!!!

  13. Janalynn

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    Hi Cindy!
    Was wondering if you knew if these supplements were safe to take along with regular pain meds. I know that even know they say they are "natural" - it doesn't mean a whole lot =)
    They can still have interaction problems.
    Has anyone taken along with other meds?

    I so need help with my pain. FM pain.

    Thanks for your info ahead of time.
  14. PainPainGoAway

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    Hi Janalynn!
    Yes, good question...from what I've learned, it's not recommened to be taken along with other cox 2 drugs (mobic, celebrex) or NSAIDS or aspirin...as it's in that family.

    I do have vicodin and baclafen and xanax which seem to be no problem. I did ask my doctor and he was excited for me but told me to fill my mobic just in case, lol! I don't take the vicodin often, and a half at a time w/ a tylenol unless really bogged down. I have other meds too but those are the only ones I've taken since getting the Pain-Rx.

    I have only been on this a short while, so the test will come when the days get more humid (my worst enemy for the FM pain part), but for now it's helped with a fair amount of pain.

    I hope this helps!
  15. PainPainGoAway

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    It's crazy, those prices, I know! I'm poor enough now to have them covered but I remember paying $230.00 for my ultracet (which would last two months but still).

    Tramadol is already generic, so maybe check out that price, and also darvocet is very cheap and works about the same (for me) but if you have asthma or any breathing problems it can make it worse. If you wouldn't need it daily, I doubt it would be an issue.

    Does your doctor provide samples? Or maybe you could contact the manufacturer of Ultracet and see if there are programs where you can get it for free. For me, out of all three, the ultracet worked the best. It never gave me any tummy or liver problems and sure helped my pain. I may try it again once the humidity gets up there, as that's my worst enemy it seems!

    Rainbow is reading it now too (the Shack). Hey, Jam, is your area humid or more like San Diego? When we have warm humid free days they call them San Diego days...rare but enjoyed ! That'll be the real test, when the humidity and heat increase.

  16. PainPainGoAway

    PainPainGoAway New Member

    Well, Jam, this summer I'll be the one on your couch...lol!!!! I love San Diego weather!

    There is a pharmacy here that still carries Lydia Pinkhams....I kid you not! Two of my closest friends here are your age and once still gets it (well, she did before cuz I went across town with her to buy it).

    Darovcet has been around for MANY years. It's a good no nosense med in my opinion and not as fancy as some but I hear they may take it off the market.

    I'm not in nearly as much pain as I was a few years ago and am thankful I had pain pills, but I scratch my head too...I've seen them all and never could handle much. I go to a pain clinic that specializes in non narcotic pain relief and that has helped me, using different modalities and injections, etc. I keep the vicodin for last effort.

  17. Janalynn

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    I'm allergic to aspirin, and anti-inflammatories - so does that mean that those kinds of supplements are out?

    Darvocet is a very mild narcotic. I have a friend who is a pharmacist and a while ago she told a bunch of us friends that it is barely above the Tylenol level - wasn't sure why it was a controlled substance! It certainly does work for some people who don't have severe pain.

    Tramadol is also very helpful for a lot of people. Just as easy for physical dependence as other narcotics, so if you use regularly, my doc recommended I don't stop suddenly. I ended up only taking it for two weeks as it wasn't effective for me.
  18. PainPainGoAway

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    It's got some white willow bark...you might have to look it up and see if it would be too close to aspirin. I am unable to take aspirin, developed an allergy from using it for a long time, and am allergic to NSAIDS but not COX 2 inhibitors. My allergies to both developed over time, what about yours? I can handle Mobic but not motrin.
    Darvocet mild but potent for many--it's equal to tramadol and tylenol 3 (I'm allergic to codeine big time). I used to take darvocet for monster mentrual cramps and then at times for aches and pains but had other meds too.

    I'm packing my bags..lol..oh how I wish!!!
    Hope you find some relief for your pain!

    Take care,

  19. bobbycat

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    Will tell my friend with MS but I am on too many meds now

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