Jam/ anyone taking vitamin K-2 ?

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    I just found out that it is good for bones and heart. Anyone taking it where to get yours? I found some in iHERB.com for one, That is Super K by Life Extension. It got great reviews but was $19.50/90 pills or caps. I know there are others more expensive and probably cheaper.

    Thanks alot to whoever answers . It seems like I have seen a few things lately talking about K-2 for osteoporosis.

    Also is there any special time you should be taking it?

    Thanks !

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    Jam - Thanks for the info you sent me. It looks like a very good price.

    Have you heard about Tumeric also? That is supposed to b e good for bone and inflammation, I believe.

    More later.
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    I've used Jarrow MK-7 for several yrs. Apparently this supp is another form of K2. It's a tiny softgel, I pay about $15 for 60 caps. However I only take about 2 - 3 per week since each cap is twice the RDA.

    I'm not sure why, but I seem to sleep better when I take it regularly. A few times I've fallen off the wagon & forgotten about it for a week or two ... it gets buried back on my shelf.

    K2 is a fat-soluble vitamin, so it makes more sense to me to take it in an oil-filled softgel than to take a dry tablet. If you do go the dry tablet or powder cap route, be sure to take the K2 WITH fat -- like a meal, or with some nuts.

    The MK-7 is also good for arterial elasticity & heart function.

    Many people get their vitamin K from spinach & similar veg, however some of my veg intake is limited due to its impact on my thyroid function. So I find it reasonable to take a vit K supp. Also, my Mom has very severe osteoporosis.

    For those on coumadin, heparin or other blood thinners -- DO NOT take vitamin K supps without the blessing & supervision of your healthcare provider.
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