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    These crazy labels especially from one of the places I get my stuff has started to confuse me. You have been taking supps. longer than I so what do you all think.

    This happens to be for Grapes Seed Extract - The front of the bottle says 200 mg ( wouldn't you think that meant 200 mg caps?) Well, on the back of the label it says "Serving size 2 caps - I would think that meant 2 caps are 200mg. If so, I then thought then that each capsule would be 100 mg. each and not 200. If that is correct , shouldn't I buy 100 mg bottles and take two? I was taking 200 mg caps but not sure they are even making them any more.

    The on the same label down below it says Grape Seed Extract (amount per serving) - 400 mg and other stuff. I thought I understood labels but now am beginning to wonder.

    I was wanting to take 200 mg 2x a day. Not even sure if I am taking the right amount any more. I JUST THOUGHT THAT THE AMOUNT ON THE BOTTLE SHOULD BE THE 200 MG. I know to also check the servings but that is getting tricky too. Geez already :)! So far I think it has helped me stay fairly well, or more so than I used to be before taking it.

    TTYL !

    Granni :):confused:

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