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    It is almost time to reorder my GSE 200 mg. wondering where you get yours, if it is at the same place VC. I am not sure where I have been getting mine is the best value. I have been taking it 2x a day so I like a big bottle and order a good supply when I do. I have been giving it to dH too since he has high b/p too , not as bad as mine though. I know it also helps other things and is a good antioxidant.

    Didn't want to mention where I usually get them. Not sure if we are allowed. I know where you get most of your stuff but not sure if it is the same place.

    Also, what brand do you use, if you can mention that?
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    but I know where you buy alot of yours. I get some many supps I have to pinch pennies as they say. It seems like I am buying more and more these days.

    Was buying and getting oen free but not sure if they are the best or not.

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    Jam - Thanks for posting. I already ordered my GSE from where I ordered before, pretty good price. I still haven't checked on what you have gotten but will do so later.

    I was taking the 200 mg 2x a day for awhile (and still do) and it seemed to lower my b/p some . Then when I started on much more mg as well as armour thyroid it really came down. Even on 2 hi b/p meds I couldn't get it to stop spiking but with the addition of the last two it really seemed to help a lot. I would say that all three are working together.

    Actually, I upped my Magnesium for my osteoporosis . When I started that my b/p came down. About the same time I switched to Armour and so not sure if both are working with the Mag. for lowering the b/p. . If my b/p starts to rise again I may have to try more GSE.

    Thanks for the tip. I have found it to be a help for other things to such as keeping those URI's at bay :)!!

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    Jam - Yes, I do take Mag. through the day. I take some in the morning with the rest of my stuff and then a whopping 400 mg. in the middle of the day, like 2- 3:00 pm or so and occasionally, depending on my bowels, I may take some at night after dinner.

    As I said before, I started uping my mag. for my osteoporosis. It is supposed to be very helpful in the absorption of the Ca. inot the bones. I always take 400 mg of GSE daily, 200 mg the am and 200 in the pm. If I feel really bad and getting a URI or something I up my GSE.. Maybe when I go to the doc I will up my GSE in the morning. Not that I go to the doc that often any more.

    Wish I didn't have to take any b/p meds but I have no choice . I am on pretty high meds (2 of them)daily but the supps. seem to be helping to keep it normal and from spiking which I was doing fairly frequently, especially in a stressful situation. It would also go up in the docs. office and for me that is not stressful. I just figure it is going to go up in the docs office and it usually does. It has been better though and not as scary (except for the nurse or doctor taking it) !!

    If you find out any other secrets esp about high b/p let me know, especially since you do a lot of experimenting with supps. :)!! My problem is the cost. I did try the Heart Care with Hawthorne that you told me about and was taking quite a few of them and they didn't seem to help my b/p . I know what helps one may not help another.

    Thanks again for your help.

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    I certainly have hear it but never tried it. Did you go anywhere to find out how to do it correctly, like Google or somewhere else better?

    Seems like I am always getting interruppted. Since you are by yourself I am sure it is easier for you.

    Off for now.

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    Found the $13.30 grape seed extract at the place I usually buy supplements. : )