Jam......I know someone who is really suffering from hip troubles

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    She's had two total hip replacements, both sides. The first time in India because she had no insurance here. Things seem to be OK for about a year, then pain again. She then saw a surgeon in L.A. who removed the bad one (not covered by the makers because it was done out of the country) and now she's back in the hospital. They removed her entire hip socket because of a rare fungus. They have to clear up the fungus before they can put in a new hip. I did a search on it. Seems it can happen with hip or knee replacements......a type of candida. I feel so bad for the pain and suffering she's going thru. It's been 2 weeks in the hospital and then she will be taken to her daughter's house for meds. to help kill the fungus. And hopefully she can be helped. Right now she's fighting the insurance company.......they told her she has to come up with $500 a month toward the $2,000 monthly med for the fungus.

    Ever heard of this fungus?
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    Oh Sun, this is a long miserable issue with these replacements...some escape the misrable outcomes and TOO MANY end up with misery.

    I've joined a replacement board out of the UK and talk about misery....many from all over the world are on it, but many in the UK...

    I still believe the FLUORIDE we've been living in for over 60 yrs causes so much of this joint damage.

    Dr. Darrow the Prolo MD is forever talking about the horrors of these replacements, from infections to dislocations, you name it.

    Reading some sites of Unnecessary Surgeries, hip and knee replacements are two that are listed....I often wonder if I really needed a replacement.... jam

    As far as the fungus issue, anything is possible with these artificial parts...
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    She needs to keep away from sugars/carbs to help with this fungus issue too. Keeping body as alkaline as possible is necessary for all of us anyway, but with issues going on, more important....hope she can get needed help.

    I still deal with my mess. going for acupuncture today for my knee, 9th straight session....anything to stay away from the knife again. jam