Jam....I know you mentioned awhile ago about alkalinity of water

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    I'm checking into one of those pitchers...expensive though. Apparently lemon juice will change inside your body. Wonder how efficient it would be. Someone was telling me how they're feeling much better being on an alkaline diet. What are your thoughts?
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    I'm going to check into the Body Rescue. Also.........do you use or take mineral supplements/drops? I take a multi, plus magnesium citrate, calcium, D3, B12 sub., Stress all B, chewable C 500 each, GSE, peach flavored cod liver oil, started taking milk thistle to clean out liver, and when I remember I eat 5 brazil nuts once a day. It seems like all I do is swallow pills so if I could find a mineral supplement drops that tasted good that would help.

    I was reading that if you don't have the right minerals your body will leach out the calcium from the bones.