Jam -I ordered the PG Natural CALM with the Calcium by mistake !

Discussion in 'Alternative Therapies' started by Granniluvsu, May 24, 2010.

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    Yep, I was in a hurry and I was ordering a bunch of stuff, in the PH Calm which I think is already helping , at least with the bathroom problem :) !!

    I meant to order the PG Natural Calm without the calcium but I did just the opposite. I found out it was to late and they had already sent it. There is really no problem wxcept that I already take a bunch of Calcium for my osteoporosis.

    Do you think it will make any difference if I take more than I am supposed to. I do not think so but figured that you might have researched all this a bit more than I. My osteoporosis used to be pretty bad but has been getting somewhat better with the CA, D3 and now I am taking the strontium along with the Alendronate. Also doing weight bearing exercises which I hate to do but know I need to - ugh ! With my FM I feel very little like exercising or doing my but I force myself as many of us do:) !!

    They said I could send it (the PH CALM) back but I would have to pay for that so I figured I would just take it already.

    Need to go run now but thought I would drop a line off to you first .

    Toodles ,

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    Oh, I am takling AT LEAST 1500 mg in supps. a day but I was told to do so since I have osteoporsis and it was pretty sever untoil I started the Forteo shorts. . Yes, they are also broken up into doses/ different times of the day amd I know not to take it the same time as the Strontium. I just started , about a couple weeks ago or or so the full dosage of Strontium daily (2 caps).

    Thank for the info on Swansons. I think I ordered it from Voitacost since I also ordered the Heart Care from them to I think. IF I wanted to send it back I would have to pay to do so so I will just keep it.

    How much is the regular and the with Calcium cost from Swansons? I forget the cost of the regular from VITACOST right now but the with calcium was $22.38 without the S and H I think. I didn't want to start right off with the Auto Send. Next time I may order from Swansons. I will try and do a little more investigating on the issue.

    Thanks again.
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    The Ca you get sounds very good but I have been using the big bottle that I get from Sams. I forget the price. It is a very good one but probably doesn';t dissolve as well.

    I have been trying so many things and it surely can get expensive !! I think I might keep with the Nat Calm but not sure about the Heart Care Hawthorn. I am sure it is good but so far I do not see a big change in my b/p as yet. I am not on the 2 tabs 3x a day and I have been going through them fast that way.

    Also wish we could buy some of these things in other places where there wasn't shipping involved. I do know that many of the health food stores are so expensive !

    Will be having a very busy week and then leaaving on Tueesday to see daughter #2 in NC for a week. So, I may not be on here much for awhile. I also have to clean up this place for company who is coming after we get back from our trip. I do not know why so many things happen at once.

    Well, I have to run and start trying to put some dinner together.