Jam......there's an ad today in the L.A. Times

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    "new hope for spinal stenosis sufferers in Orange County. Apparently deep tissue laser therapy, with a huge list of conditions that can be helped. It is a Dr. Mike Digrado, DC of Laser Body Works, Newport Beach. Maybe you want to check this out?
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    Thanks Sun, yes, spinal stenosis hit me after hip replacement and for a long time a couple yrs ago I could hardly sit for 5 minutes on my behind...but I had work done from a PT, special internal work, and did have some laser therapy from a DC, so now I can sit much better....did acupuncture a lot on my spine a couple yrs ago..

    Thanks for thinking of me....if only my knee would get much better...acupuncture every week, but it's a light management.

    Thinking of PRP Prolo for this knee, but it's so darn pricey and I'd do it if there was a guarantee it would work...one session is $850 at the lowest price PRP MD, it goes up more from others I've checked.

    It's been miserable since this replacement.

    Thanks, hope you are hanging in good.....jam