Jam- where to you get your Boron ?

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    In the usual place? Is it the 3 mg type. I had learned from others on an osteoporosis board that many are taking Boron along with their D3, K2 and Strontium citrate. Last time I just picked some up from the natural vit. and supps. place. Theyjust happened to have a sale but is still more expensive than our usual site. It was $$7.5 instead of $9.95. However, that was sitll quite a few dollars more thwn our site :)!!

    Now I am looking to reorder on our regular site along with my K2 which is almost out. I noticed thathey also have others with other vits mixed inl However, since I am taking the others separately I think I will opt out and just take the regular chelated Boron - 3 mg. It surely looks cheap - I think it was $3.26 for 100 caps. How cheap is that??

    Is that what you get.? Drop a line and let me kow. That is one of the cheapest vitamins/supps. I have seen. I haven't even checked PH yet but I assume it is more expensive. Not even sure if they sell it.

    Our siter calls for others that are tri chelated or something like that and have D3 and Ca. in them too which I do not have.

    Need to go and order. I am getting really low. I take it along with my afternoon Calcium, and K2 (Lie Extension- Super K with advanced K2 complex).

    Please reply when you can. I am just going to order 2 bottles of each.- the L.E. Super K with k2 complex.

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  2. Granniluvsu

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    Since I am taking so much other stuff I just ordered the regular - 3 mg. I believe. Are there 3 kinds of Boron?

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    Aspartate is the main ingredient in Aspartame. Thought you might want to know this.

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    Thanks for the info.

    I can't stand the taste of artificial sweeteners and they give me a headache. Anecdotal, I know, but I am an avid reader of food labels. Some of the no sugar juices have stevia in them and I made the mistake of getting juice that I thought had no sugar in it because it contained 100% juice.

    I found this interesting article from NPR. I'm not sure what to think about it as it is a blog. But it does provide some research which will be a start. so need to look into that, too.

    I think I have created a lot of work for myself. At least it keeps me out of trouble. :>)

    Here's the NPR blog.



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    and hi gap !!

    Well, I ordered 2 bottles of the regular boron 3 mg. and will have to finish them all up before I decide whether to change to the other one with the 3 kinds of Boron or not, plus other stuff.

    I too do not like artificial sweetners and use maybe a little tiny bit of sugar in my tea in the morning or anything else. I haate artificial sweetner soda but do'pt drink much soda anyway.

    Thanks for the info and sorry I have been off the AT board for some time. Haven't even been on the CC board a whole lot lately.

    TTYL !! Hope you both have a great Christmas and New Year if I do not get back here for awhile. I'll try and do better in checking back :)!