Jam....you've mentioned about adding picnogenol to face cream

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    I've got 3 bottles of the capsules. How much do you add to a face cream. I bought these on sale a year or so ago but never took them and now I'm taking the grape seed extract.

    Did you notice a difference in your skin when you started using the cream?
  2. jaminhealth

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    and pour in the powder to the cream...Start with one capsule and try that out....How large is your jar of cream, what kind is it? The texture could be a bit gritty, maybe not, depending on the fineness of the capsule powder. If it's a large jar of cream 4oz or so, 2-3 capsules would work too. Kinda play with the amount...

    Don't let those Pycnogenols go to waste, they are valuable...use them, even one a day with the grapeseed ex...you can take both.

    I NOW use Millcreek Vit E cream and open usually 2-3 softgels of grapeseed ex....the oil in the softgel mixes in real nicely. I have some softgels from another product I've used. Do I make sense? jam

    Oh my skin is very smooth and pretty wrinkle free for a 74 yr old gal. I get compliments but too, I don't sit out in the sun to age the skin either.