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    I am way to tired to think very clearly but wanted to drop in and tell you about my experience reading Losing My Religion. I am almost through, page 244 and I have many different things to talk about.

    One of them is relief. Relief that there are so many others who believe the way that I do and are still good, decent human beings. It was cathartic. Here is one of the passages that I am speaking of:

    " I had changed in another way. I saw now that belief in God, no matter how grounded in logic and reason, required a leap of faith. Either you have the gift of faith, or you don't. It's not a choice. I used to think that you simply made a decision: to believe in Jesus or not. Collect the facts and decide for yourself. But it's not that simple.....[People] often talk to those who have fallen away from the faith as if they had made a choice to turn away from God....Faith can't be willed into existence. There is no faking it if you are honest about the state of your soul."

    That is just one of my feelings he was able to put into print. There are so many it's like he had the same mind as mine. The major difference being though, and to me it is major, is that at one time the author DID believe. It was all the collective ugliness he discovered about the church that turned him away.

    Anyhow I wanted to tell you that I am grateful you recommended the book to me. It has helped me.

    peace to you

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    Yeah that Julia Sweeny play must have been great. It effected both you and the author so deeply. Life changing. I would love to have seen it. I don't remember her on Saturday Night Live.

    Is Benny Hinn still around? I don't have the TBN as a channel choice so I don't know him. Too much money is always suspicious. I hope the watchdog group is able to persevere.

    What did you think about Bill's wife loosing her faith along with her husband?