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    Hi Jamin - Thought I would post this here rather than on the CFS/FM board as it is unrelated. My mom talked to her hip surgeon yesterday about the surgery that you are having done and asked why it wasn't offered to her.

    It turns out this surgery isn't available here in Canada. It is a new and unproven surgery and no one knows right now what the long term results will be. They know with the other way of doing it that the surgery has an approximate 20 year life span before it needs doing again. They have no idea how long the newer method will last.

    As far as cost, it is a much cheaper surgery to do and doesn't involve a long hospital stay, therefore, the insurance companies in the US of A prefer this method as it means less money for them to pay out in claims.

    The surgeon feels that it is too soon for this type of surgery to be offered to patients other than people who are willing to participate in research trials. Apparently this method won't be available in Canada until it is proven and they know that the long term outlook will be favourable to the patient.
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    Mom is doing a lot better now that she has had the surgery. She can sleep through the night which was the biggest thing for her. Before the surgery she got very little sleep. The pain killers she was taking made her very drowsey during the day.

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