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    Hi Jamin - I know you use iron supplements and I'm interested to know what kind of iron you take and what strength you take. I'm trying to get my ferritin up to optimal levels and I'm not sure what I should be buying. I usually just take a multi with iron, however, my new multies that I bought don't have iron in them.

    Thanks for any info you can offer!
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    Thanks, Jamin. As far as GPs are concerned, if you are in the "normal" range then you don't have an iron problem - end of! I don't see how someone with a ferritin level of 13 or 14 can be considered anemic, yet someone with a level of 15 is considered "normal" especially when the range goes up to 200 for women. It makes no sense.

    I have several health issues right now and every one of them shows low iron as a possible cause. Only time will tell I guess. I'm going to talk to my pharmacist tomorrow and see what they recommend. I already know what my doctor would say so why bother :-(

    Thanks again!
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    I never thought to ask you this before, Jamin. Do you feel any better, more energetic for example, for having a higher ferritin level?
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    Thanks, Jamin. It makes sense to me that a person could be fatigued with low end ferritin levels without being anemic.