Jamin/ original post about your friend. Right Pew. Wrong church!!!

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by gapsych, Aug 22, 2009.

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    Jam I replied to your post, thought I was on the chit chat board. Let's just say I was a bit too chatty for it to stay there. So I have reposted it here. gap

    Maybe your friend is really me in an alternate reality. I have always wondered what my life would be like if I still lived in California. Not that I am disappointed in mine but I love speculating about how doing one thing can change our future. I guess the chaos effect? Did you ever see "Sliding Doors"?

    I agree we are more alike than different. My father was a professor of debate. Need I say more?

    I do not have a medical background but a scientific/psychology background. My BIL is an oncologist. However people have compared my handwriting, I am left handed, to a doctor or serial killer, LOL!!

    As I said earlier today but don't remember which post, if we all thought the same way it would be a boring world. Now there are some moral imperatives we need to heed, but otherwise I find different opinions and how we come up with them absolutely fascinating. I guess that is why I was drawn to psychology.

    Oh how I wish I was in California. Can't afford it. My daughter and SIL live out there and are currently putting an addition on their house, as the prices are still high. Even though they have a decent income.

    They are also expecting another addition in December. A little girl. They are not telling anyone the name until she is born they and had picked out the name way before they got pregnant. I think it is kind of sweet and shows what their relationship means to them. Others disagree!!

    I know they will not name the baby after me as my first name is legally George, long story, but I combine it with my middle name. George was originally a woman's name. I wonder if George Elliot knew that?

    Oh gosh, sorry for hogging this thread, I thought I was on chit chat, LOL!!

    I am chatty today.

    I will move this.


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