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    Hi Jam,

    I just ran across some YouTube videos by a naturopathic physician from Santa Monica who claims to have recovered from fibromyalgia using techniques she now incorporates into her practice. I usually get frustrated watching videos as I search for good information, as they often talk and talk without ever saying very much (which makes me end up not liking them very much):rolleyes:.

    I found the opposite to be the case with this woman however. She's succinct, gets straight to the point, espouses natural, common sense modalities that I think you would have an affinity for, and is likable! Anyway, I thought if you hadn't heard of her, you might be interested in knowing she's in your neighborhood. --- Dr. Jeanette Ryan, D.C., Doctor of Natural Medicine

    Hope you're doing well. Happy Holidays! --- Wayne
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    Thanks Wayne, my very good "holistic" friend sees Dr. Ryan and I had attempted too a couple yrs ago and she takes NO insurance, none....her first visit is $360-$480 depending on how much she spends with you.

    So for NOW, i hobble along and get pretty good help from my IM doc and the holistic rheumy, but am giving up on her for a while, the acupuncture just isn't doing enough for what I pay. Maybe I'll do some Prolo on shoulders and knee next year.... My money tree is getting bare...

    And the chiro I see off and on is now working on the IT band mess from hip replacement....and he does "light" work on back and shoulders and knee and uses cold laser...

    I've really been sidelined since hip surgery but otherwise I'm OK.....working on getting homocysteine levels DOWN. Let myself go last year with foods and neglecting B12 and omega 3's.....it showed up on my recent labs....

    Thanks for thinking about me and yes Ryan is close by but out of reach money-wise..... There are enough wealthy people here to support these high priced alternative docs..... Enjoy seeing you here. jam
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    Just talked to my friend who sees Dr. Ryan now and then, and this friend put me onto Great Lakes Gelatin (green can) and then she said Dr. Ryan has her taking only 200mg calcium...I take 500mg rainbow light calcium and maybe I'll break the tab in half and try lower dosing of calcium, I have read too much calcium is NOT what we require....Higher magnesium intake is more important.

    The Great Lakes gelatin is for joints and pain help. jam