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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by MamaDove, Jul 2, 2008.

  1. MamaDove

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    I see you replied to texangal's aspartame post and mentioned 'green tea' and 'stiffness' in the same sentence.

    Got me thinking of the possible connection...


    I stopped all teas especially the green tea when I happened to come along some info on Fluoride in tea while googling for my issues with being Floxed by Levaquin...Once I stopped the teas, my joint pain diminished, almost two weeks have gone by and although I have added LDN and have been giving that all the credit for the decrease in pain and stiffness, it is more likely than not, that I am finally detoxing from fluoride poisoning...

    Just a thought :)

    What do you think?

  2. MamaDove

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    This place is polluted anyway...

    I am always much sicker living here than back home on Long Island, go figure :)

    I am on a well, high up on a hill and we have had our water tested, all levels are okay according to THEM...haha

    I was wondering about fluoride due to my floxing incident and always felt worse soon after drinking green tea but I was drinking tons of it for the so-called benefits when I finally figured out it was hurting me...Starting searching on the net and there it was "green tea high in fluoride", guess that's why they tout it as healthy...We are all too used to this nonsense...We should all just eat dirt!

    Enjoy your grandkids today Hon...

    Catch ya when you come back, thanks for the heads up on the Maine Fluoride issue...No worse than the lab down the road from me that was smuggling bird flu from Saudi Arabia and then dumped it in an unknown location...Wonderful!
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    I see you are bumping posts from the old days...good for the newbies and to refresh my old mind too...

    wanted to remind you to google this Green Tea and Fluoride issue...I stopped the Green Tea and many things improved for me, esp. joint stiffness...

    I am on a well here in Maine and had my water tested twice for many things, even fluroide, which they list at 'acceptable' levels...Yeah, like I trust them at the local lab...I am guessing that the local docs are running low on paying customers so we add fluoride to the water supply to bring em on in...Geez, I hate what we've become.

    Many have encouraged me to write a book about my survival regarding Big Pharma, local docs and hospitals and my husband would like the title to be "Capitalism: How it almost killed me"

    Money just may be the root of all evil...

    Off for now, keep up the good work spreading the word about Fluoride and D...I just posted on the other thread and let you know I just had my levels tested, will know this week, can't wait to see...I had been supplementing with D3 since I was on mega doses of prednisone and all the other bone destroying drugs...I am glad I did...My doc didn't think it was necessary...IDIOT! I haven't taken it for about a month due to starting LDN and I feel a difference...my body wants more...I will wait to see what the results are before I begin again...

  4. wrthster

    wrthster New Member


    Green Tea has some of the properties that the TNF Alpha blockers have which help control inflamation not aggravate it.

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