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  1. deepak

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    Dear jamin,

    are you taking 300 mg Hyal per day or 900 ? :)

  2. deepak

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    wow thats a lot of Hyaluronic acid.

    Is this dosage as per Dr Oz ??

  3. deepak

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    hyaluronic acid helps me a LOT , jamin.

    magnesium and Hyal make my pains much more bearable.

    LDN - the jury is still out. :)

  4. rosemarie

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    The only time I see hyaluronic acid is in a bottle with MSN and other stuff. I have not found it alone. Can you take it over the counter and is it expensive ? I had one injection that had hyaluronic acid in it and I wanted to die while having it done. I never had the series of three injections finished due to the severe pain and being unable to walk for two weeks after injection.

    I didn't know that you could just supplement just the hyaluronic acid, how did you get started on it? does your doctor have to recommed it and what is the dosage? I wonder if it will work for my oesteoarthirits in my knee's. Does it help with your fibro pain ? I have many questions to ask and I don't know where to get the answers. How did you find out about it and do you take it alone or with other supplements,? I take magnessium and vit D , B12 2500 mcg {sublingual} what else do you take along with it?

    Does it help with your fibro pain? if so enouogh to help me get off teh strong mscontin I am taking now? or at least to a lower doseage. I have lowered my dosage of it over the past few years , I was put on it by a pain doctor but he does not practice any more the dosage he had me on was 500 mg a day, I would take 100 mg up to 5 times a day. I found out that I didn't need that many but due to not understanding the narcoitic form I signed with the pain docotor I thought that you had to refill your meds every 30 days, not just before you ran out of them.

    At the year my medicare raised the tier levels of my meds. My mscontin , soma and MSIR are all now a tier 3 and cost $44.00 each. TOO spendy can't afford them so I switched the MSIR to hydromophone 4 mg. and it works well. I have not had any problem with the change in meds.

    But I would give any thing to not need the pain meds and my daughters would love it it I didn't take the narcotic's any more too. They hate it that I am taking them and blame my fatique , exhustion, dozing off while talking to them on the phone on my mscontin. I take a lower doesage of mscontin now 60 mg x2 daily. But I get a lot of BS about how the meds effect me. I have been taking them for over 5 years so it is not the meds that cause my fatique and sluring of words when I am so sleepy or exhusted. I tend to doze off while talking to them on the phone and I have not taken any pain meds since 6 am.

    To maybe be able to take the hyaluronic acid and maybe not need the mscontin would be so great and would ease some stress's that I have. I know that I would still need pain meds for flare ect. I just wondered if it is really helping you enough to ease your fibro pain and maybe arthritis as well.
    Just wondering, sorry for the misspelling and for the jumbled up questions.
  5. deepak

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    Hugs to you :).

    I am taking the "doctors best " hyaluronic acid which I buy from Iherb.

    Yes, it helps me in my muscle tightness surely. So I would say it does help in fibro pains.

    I am taking only 100 mg daily but jamin is taking 900 mg daily.

    I am not sure how long one can or should continue with this - I wish I knew who to ask too.

    With love,
  6. deepak

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    have you also used DMSO ? someone said it works wonderfully and is cheap.
  7. deepak

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    what brand DMSO you use ? And does it help in muscle pain ?
  8. deepak

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    Why dont you try the peptide shots ?
  9. FaithHopeCure

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    I live in San Clemente, CA and worked at Dr.'s Best Vitamins as a customer service specialist. They are a very good and responsible company. I only worked their for 3 months because my fibro stuff became worse after working a full time job (I now work part-time from 9:30 - 1:30 at my son's school which helps keep the stress down). The Hyluronic Acid is one of their best sellers. After reading these posts, I just might have to try the HA.

    I do prefer Prohealth because of the focus on ME/CFS and Fibro formulations. I agree with deepak, maybe peptide shots would be good for Rosemarie.

    Thinking of you Rosemarie...you have a lot of stuff going on and maybe the peptide injections would boost your immune system and help with all the pain.
  10. deepak

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    I had asked Dr Dakos who does the peptides if it would help with moms severe osteoarthritis in knees and he said yes the pain would go away.

    What happens when you sit too long ?? I also get back pain sometimes - and sometimes in the spine - so tough to know whether its FM or some spine issue or what !!

    For now i m giving LDN a try......